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Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

Nowadays, staying in hostel is the best way for foreigners to travel and do their some important things in Sydney, Australia because of its attractive cost and convenience.However, the hostel in Sydney has different cost and room, which should be considered before coming.This research report surveys three hostels in Sydney, Australia, namely the Nomads Westend Backpackers (NWB), Wake Up Hostel (WUH), Tokyo Village Hostel (TVH).

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It also compares and contrasts them with respect to location and transport; rooms and facilities; cost.

There are similarities and differences between the hostels in location and transport. Nomads Westend Backpackers, where is near the city center, is much convenient than the other two hostels. NWB is located in the middle town while both WUH and TVH are located in access city center. However, both three hostels differ the location, they are perfectly for discovering Sydney. The transport at all of them is easily to walk to the famous Opera House, all the harbor in Sydney. They are also next to the central station, town hall, China town and colleges, where can travel and work.

The room options and the facilities of three hostels are slightly similar. All of them have the share rooms and the private rooms. Their share rooms have four, six and eight bed dorms whereas the private rooms suit for the couple or small family. There are some facilities that they all offer, such as air-conditioning, Internet, free city tour, lockers, tv room and lounger area. Beside that, both WUH and TVH have a restaurant and BBQ area. The cost of three hostels is different. While the WUH’s cost is highest price which ranges from $34 to $39, both NWB and TVH is slowest.

It ranges from $30 to $33. The guest have to purchase extra for airport pick up, luggage room, towel, linen and breakfast in both NWB and WUH. In contrast, TVH’s cost includes all of it. In conclusion, all three hostels have attractive location and facilities. If the location is important, then NWB is the best choice to travel and work. In contrast, both WUH and TVH have the same location and many facilities than NWB. However, NWB is the most convenient. For these reasons, NWB attract and suit many foreigners.

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