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The primary objective of this communication strategy is to: To bring XTC Energy Drink on top of mind of the consumers and capture the first moment of truth at the point of sales Since this is the product launch therefore, initially the company’s objective is to create awareness and recall among the target market. Top of mind is that whenever any member of the target market is asked about the new and upcoming brand of beverage or even any other brand and if the first name he/she recalls is XTC then top of mind objective has been achieved.

This can only be done by repeating the message to the mind of the consumer by using various channels and media mixes to constantly remind the consumers about XTC. By capturing the first moment of truth it is meant that when ever a member of the target market is visiting a store with hoards of choices in front of him/her then out of all of that he/she should pick XTC. This is the first moment of truth the second moment of truth occurs when the consumer consumes the product and experiences the taste and other benefits and thus, finally returns benefiting the company with repeat sales.

Other objectives of this campaign are to introduce the company and build a real level of expectation which can be met by the company’s offering currently XTC. The expectations set or claims made shouldn’t be as such which aren’t achievable and thus result in bad name for the company or brand. The behavioral objectives include educating the consumers and the target market about the misconception that energy can only be acquired via high caffeine. There are other ways of acquiring quick energy naturally and one of them is by taking high digestible carbs.

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Target Market The company aims to target both genders; Aged 15-30; belonging to Socio economic classes (SEC) A+,A & B; Individuals who require extra jolts of energy to set themselves apart and achieve extra in life Competitive Positioning Strategy “XTC is an energy drink with low caffeine and high digestive carbs which provides a premium quality, refreshing and energetic experience for health conscious yet daring individuals who require extra jolts of energy to set themselves apart and achieve extra in life”

Communication Strategy Message Development Research The key message was developed after understanding the consumer’s perceptions about energy drinks. It appears that although the Target Audience (i. e. the youth) of Energy Drinks is not concerned about the health element however, there is a lot of pressure from their parents, media and other heath awareness agencies therefore, for societal acceptance and lessening the concerns Low Caffeine & High Digestive Carbs were made the Functional USP.

The Creative Theme The creative theme revolves around: ‘Energy Drink for every mood…’ depicting most of the moods of life in which XTC can be consumed. The four variants will be launched in-line with the same idea. Berry Blast: for naughty; setting oneself free Citric Conquest: for sense of achievement Mint Madness: to double the joy Soda Slash: to enjoy loneliness and time for ones own self The entire campaign will involve use of bright colors with black background to stand out and break the clutter.

There will be consistency among the print and billboard media in terms of same print copy to be used. This will assist in Brand Recall. Also the XTC logo will appear in every mode of communication used throughout the campaign to increase Brand awareness and bring it on top of mind of the target audience. The ads will show youth in the four moods as mentioned above and how XTC can positively enhance whatever mood they are experiencing.

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