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Now I am going to write about the Internet advert for 'Bonnebell' lipgloss. On the introduction page for Bonnebell it has some catchy phrases which flash from one to the next. They are the same type of style as the phrases which are written on the magazine advert e. g. I have power. This is what girls want to be told. On the web page for Bonnebell, you can find out about lip products, eye products and face products. You then press on one of the titles e. g. lip products and range of many different lipglosses comes up on the screen. You then click on one of them and it has a hyperlink.

So it takes you to a web page all about one of the lipglosses of your choice. It also gives you a lot of information about the product e. g. 'Loaded with Vitamin E and aloe to hydrate dry, thirsty lips. ' Teenage girls are interested in their health and how to improve it so this is good to include information about how good it is for you. There are also fun games that you can play on; they would be for an age range of twelve to fourteen because they are quite childish games like quizzes on what type of person you are. ' Maybe you're loud and centre of attention or laid back and a good listener'.

The web site has a similar content to a teenage magazine. There are three small pictures of different lipglosses (made by Bonnebell) at the bottom of the magazine advert for 'Bonnebell' lipgloss. I have decided to talk about one of the lipglosses webpages. All three are linked in with the magazine advert but they are all like one advert each. The three lipglosses are Flip Gloss shimmers, Lip Rush and Lip Burst. I have decided to write about the webpage advert for the product Lip Rush. It has a large picture of the product that slowly spins around this attract your attention.

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You can see the two contrasting colours of the lipgloss liquid move as the funky case moves around. On the webpage there are eight outrageous flavours, with tasty names. These are Wildberry Wave, Jucie, Sugar, Ice, Splashberry, Lemonade and Watermelon. This makes you want to taste the flavours and it makes your tastebuds tingle with anticipation! There are also five phrases that make you want the Lipglosses even more, these are: 'Give lips a surge of flavour and shine. ', 'Clear gloss with a groovy glob of colour. ' 'A tidal wave of flavour. ' 'A rush sensational shine.

' 'Available in 8 outrageous flavours. ' The phrase 'A rush of sensational shine. ' makes you think you will look sexy wearing it as it has a shiny wet look. The background of the web page is white which makes the lipgloss and the flavour logos and the writing really stand out. It makes them look really clear and easy to read . As the picture of the lipglosses is the biggest item on the page it makes it stand out. The lipglosses look fun to have, because of the shape and colour of the container they don't look tacky. As the lipgloss is clear it doesn't look cheap.

It makes you look stylish and sophisticated, not childish. This is the type image that teenage girls want have, so this relates to the audience. The vocabulary in the magazine focuses mostly on what girls want to hear and how the advert relates to the audience profile. The Internet advert focuses on taste, touch and how the product looks. I feel that the advertisers have decided to use this approach because if you go onto the webpage you are more likely to want to find out about information on the product. Both adverts have the phrases about what girls want to hear.

I think this is a very clever using this technique because it relates to the audience profile. The advertisers base their advert on a certain audience. Then they constructed the advert by writing or getting someone to say a phrase that is related with a specific audience profile e. g. the old coca cola slogan 'Eat, sleep football drink Coca-Cola. ' This was a very good slogan because around the world cup people did watch a lot of football so the Coca-Cola advert was played a lot so this promoted the drink and made it a very popular drink. People related football to Coca-Cola.

Advertisers use this method to sell their products. The advertisement companies are putting adverts that relate to television program's in between television program's that are related with the type of audience that will be watching. Another example of this is the new Pepsi advert, which cost millions to make but got back a lot more money. It features Britney Spears and was put on in the adverts between the superbowl. I feel that the 'Bonnebell lip gloss' advertisers are very sharp, they use sayings that teenage girls want to hear, this make us feel special and influences our decision to buy the product.

I feel that this particular advert has been a great success! During the time that I have been studying the two adverts for 'Bonnebell lip gloss,' I have discovered how and why advertisers use different methods to appeal their product. I have learnt many techniques on how to catch the reader's eye and how to make a product more appealing. I now can see why there is so much competition between different advertising companies. The media is a large part of our lives so why not enjoy it!

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