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Having a web presence for any business is an advantage to promote their visibility and make themselves known to the entire internet community on the whole. The various aspects of the business require to be enveloped so as to bring every resource on the same page.

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The benefits range from marketing in the internet to cater globally and spread the good word of the firm to a large section of customers and suppliers.

The first business chosen would be Fitness Center which requires mapping their requirements into a web based system so that its members can plan and check the status of their activities and officials and trainers can check user records and feedbacks. Management would be able to product reports for handling company affairs and updations for better implementation of the system.

Jencos, a medium sized supermarket chain desires to expand its operations allover UK. It presently has several information systems which are insufficient to be a serious contender in the UK supermarket arena.

An e-strategy is developed to cover all their present problems and support good customer/supplier relations. It also discusses the various policies and procedures needed to place the employees to follow ethical guidelines.

Problems with the current system:

  • The current system does not envelope the entire business operations, meaning no Enterprise Resource Planning Systems; it simply caters to the needful purposes.
  • The system does not capture enough data about customer’s to retain them or get new ones. Their Customer Relationship Management is quite poor.
  • Their current system neither possesses automatic links for replenishment of their stock nor any integrated suite of office software programmes.
  • They do not have any Management Information Systems.

Proposed new system:

  • The new system will be able to cover the customer base well by spreading the good word of the company over the internet.
  • It will be able to spread the grocery business over a large domain of customers which may range from home users to bulk purchasers.
  • The awareness of the company stands very important so that people get a chance to compare it with the competitors.
  • The supply chain can be well managed.
  • The customer information can be stored and managed well so that they are focused when catering repeat orders and services. The data will also serve as rich information to the degree of importance which a customer must obtain.
  • Most importantly the services can be rendered to a large variety of customers across a geographical region with B2B and B2C models (Forouzan, 2003).
  • The feedback system can also be added so that future caterings can be handled better.
  • The total sales and profit can be easily captured and produced to management with ease reducing a lot of manual operations.

The reasons for converting ‘bricks and mortars’ into ‘click and mortars’ is as follows:

  1. The visibility is improved which means more people get to know about it and often want to try it out for a change.
  2. The e-marketing helps to let people know about its various services it caters.
  3. The business can spread in diverse fields so as to provide ancillary services to the customers along with grocery items so that they get served better. Helps for greater retention.
  4. The supply chain management is better rendered through e-business.

Soaps Galore is a small shop in Waterville that is engaged in selling handmade soaps, bath products and creams. Recently, Soap Galore received a glowing review of their products in the national magazine. As a result of the newspaper article, the store was flooded with phone calls from people all over the United States and Canada wanting to buy their products. A web presence was an ultimate requirement for them and was suggested to create a website for their products. To keep with the customer demand, they created a website to allow customers to purchase their products from the online store.

The Bloom Design Group offers interior design services o businesses and individuals around the world (Kumar, 1998). They are into selling furniture, materials, home decoration products and many other services for coloring and decorating houses. The designers, buyers and suppliers drastically required a place to house all their allied members so that they are able to function better.

A web presence, that is to build a website would solve al their problems and flow of communication would be swift for processing requests faster and in an automated and designed fashion. All the members associated with the firm can login to their website for performing their activities and getting the most effective service. Bloom Design Group is using internet to facilitate all its clients all over the world and designers to access to their information and allows the designers to access company information.


The internet and the newer technologies have made possible to give businesses over the world a great opportunity to come together and share the experience of web presence for catering and let the globe know their existence. This has paved the way for better and more innovative approach to sell and market their products and services.


Forouzan, A. Behrouz (2003). TCP/IP Protocol Suite, second edition. Tata McGraw Hill.

Kumar, Manoj (1998). Business negotiations on the Internet.

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