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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility of Sun Microsystems Inc

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This paper will look at the corporate social responsibility of Sun Microsystems Inc. Sun Microsystems is a leading supplier of industrial-strength hardware, software and services in more than 100 countries. The headquarters are based in Santa Clara, US. It provides the customers with goods that are energy-efficient and has come up with strategies to ensure that the society is not harmed from carbon emissions. The alternative energy-strategy reduces the environmental impact of its operations.

In order to make use of the modern ways of communication and grab the opportunity of internet resources, Sun Microsystems has created stakeholder engagement system where the members of the society can give their comments and receive answers to their questions directly through blogs. This takes it a long way in perking up its efforts in ensuring transparency to the society and give personalized services. On the other hand the company values its employees greatly and thus the employees are given training on communication and the management ensures that any change in the system is appropriately communicated (Schwartz 2009).

To its shareholders, Sun Microsystems issues CSRs (Corporate and Social Responsibility Reports) which focus on enhancing the stakeholder relations and credibility, augmenting the access to capital, protecting the brand image of the company and hence its market standing so that the wealth of the shareholders is safeguarded. The clients also get more loyal by the transparency that accompanies such reports.

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility of Sun Microsystems Inc

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It views itself as socially responsible to provide the reports to investors and prospects so as to attract more capital and enhance alignment of its strategies. It has also come up with programs in China where it is helping in educating children as well as participating in charitable donations. This kind of step is aimed at eliminating the digital divide for example through bringing network infrastructure to schools in China.


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