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Possible changes SUN Microsystems can make

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The changes that SUN Microsystems can make such as giving services to educational institute by going online and decreasing the cost of infrastructures and provide services FREE. Such as Global Schoolnet (GSN) [8], GSN works with schools, universities, communities, businesses and other organizations to develop free or low cost programs to educate students to compete with global workforce. SUN Microsystems can decrease the cost of infrastructure and product and can sell it outright to schools and educational institute.

For example, having a network system that provides fast and efficient ways to manipulate its information. It can provide a cheap and sophisticated database, which helps the educational institute to store its related information. Compared to its traditional manual filing system, computerizing its information gives schools and other educational institute more speed, accuracy, and accessibility.

A sophisticated design of the network connected to school and home and other institute will allow access from anywhere in the world which helps to manipulate and send information through the network. SUN Microsystems can provide ICT solution online such as Think. com [9] which is an online environment for teachers and students from around the world can easily communicate and share ideas and enrich classroom learning experiences through real time discussions.

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Possible changes SUN Microsystems can make

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SUN Microsystems can provide FREE services as well as paid services such as providing proper education tools and software for better development of education. SUN Microsystems can provide similar ICT solutions and service as Primary ICT Solutions [11], who are providing ICT related services to education sectors. Their approach toward their business is a holistic one where they work to gather with different partners to help to provide total ICT solutions.


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