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Consumer Behavior Toward Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo is a spray that can be used to “clean” and freshen up the hair when it’s not possible to actually wash it. Dry shampoo works by stripping out all the excess oil–along with leftover sweat and general nastiness–that the hair is producing because you’re not washing it. Dry shampoo can revitalize greasy, limp hair if you don't have time to wash it As research suggests that washing hair too frequently can be really, really bad for it–especially using commercial shampoos and conditioners, often loaded with harsh, unpronounceable shit–and strips away the hair’s natural oils.

Beauty experts recommend washing your hair less frequently to keep it healthy. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes if you’re trying to lengthen the life of your blow-out, for example, when you’re dashing to the office without time for a shower, or even in situations when water isn’t readily available. It can extend that time between washing a few extra days, but keep you from looking like a greasy, drug-addled mess.

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It also helps to refresh any blow-dry for long lasting hairstyles and promise to offer “instant root lift, texture and body to hairs. It gives the hair a soft, warm and freshly-washed look. Though it is based on corn starch and oatmeal, it’s less chalky and contains volatizing agents that make it as much a styling product as a shortcut. Dry shampoo will only help to absorb excess oil and it won’t necessarily clean out the dirt and grime from a long day’s work, though it might mask it with a pretty scent.

Good enough for your lunch break after a quick trip to the gym. Usage:

  • You can apply dry shampoo directly to your roots by spraying it over the portion of the hair working it through with a comb.
  • After applying dry shampoo, thoroughly run hands through hair until it has completely dissolved.
  • After applying the product to the top of head, flip head upside down and massage some into scalp at the roots. If you scrunch up your roots before flipping your head upright, you’ll also get some added volume.

Target market

It constitutes young females professionals or students who do not have much time to wash their hairs on daily bases and are much conscious to set their hairs in a better way. As our country is facing electric power crisis and we don’t even have proper natural gas facility especially in winters so the dry shampoo is the instant solution to the problem of time constraint of washing hairs regularly to avoid greasy, stinky and rough hairs.

Response and feedbacks regarding the new product (focus group)

  • What comes top of your mind while you buy a shampoo? Which attributes you prefer and the results associated with them?
  1. Шt should suit our hair structure and should not over dry the scalp. It should give a moisturizing effect.
  2. Moreover, the price should be reasonable and makes hairs more shiny and softer.
  • Does the price of the shampoo effects the quality of the product?

If the brand have a good position in the market and have a strong word of mouth developed regarding the product so they will surely pay whatever the price is.

  • How often you use shampoo?

Most of them wash hairs on regular basis which over dries the scalp and leads to hair breakage whereas if they do not wash regularly, it leaves the hairs greasier.

  • What comes in your mind when you hear about dry shampoo?
  1. It is unhygienic because they don’t feel satisfied of cleaning hairs without washing them with water.
  2. It leaves whitish texture over the hairs
  3. Don’t feel comfortable because washing hairs is a traditional way as it gives a feeling that we have took a bath to clean our hairs properly.
  4. They are open for new products none of them said that they wouldn’t use it
  • Do you think that time is a major factor behind it as it saves times to wash hairs?

They agreed over the fact that it takes time to wash hairs. Sometimes it’s difficult to take shower and wash hairs due to emergency or time constraints. Furthermore, it should leave the same texture of hair when blow-dried or straightened to save time.


It should have good and convenient packaging that they can easily carry in their bags and size at the same time bottle should be attractive not very colorful but not too dull as well.


Word of mouth plays an important role in enhancing the exposure of dry shampoo. Individuals will share their experiences from the product and tell others regarding their experience that will induce attention of the consumer.


Target market will retain the concept of dry shampoo through common memories of events occurred. Every girl experiences times when she is unable to maintain herself because she has projects the next day or going through menstrual cycles or have a load of work. Lastly, we will relate their past memories and experiences in our advertisements.


Instrumental learning suggests that through negatively reinforce the consumer, they will learn new concept in terms of dry shampoo. However, the product will be associated with negative forces that will modify the behavior.

For instance, if a girl does not have time to wash her hair and without rinsing them it would make them look greasy and smelly that would ultimately make other people away from her because of smell and untidy look. She won’t be appreciated or praised among her peers, friends and family members and loses her self confidence.

What would motivate you to buy a dry shampoo?

  • if the fragrance is good than that would be a big plus for the product because our hair normally don’t smell that good when we use hair sprays and since its being launched for the first time people have mixed views about it. So if the product promises to have good fragrance as well as freshness they would want to go for it.
  • Another thing is that pricing should be reasonably high. it shouldn’t be over the top because although the people understand that it can’t match their existing shampoo prices it should not exceed too much otherwise it might act as a demotivator and despite having the desired need people may decide that it’s not worth it but still some said that price should be high otherwise we would not totally trust the quality of the shampoo

Moreover, the dry shampoo contains natural ingredients that helps to clean dirt, grease and smell from hairs without damaging your hairs and maintains the natural oil leaving your hairs soft and shiny whereas the regular shampoo contains harsh chemicals that damages your hairs and eliminates natural oil.

Problem/ values

The major constraint faced by the target market while conducting focus group regarding dry shampoo was that they denied over the concept of washing hairs without water as values and culture in Pakistan depicts the regular cleaning of hairs and body with water so all of them agreed on the cultural significance of taking bath regularly which condemns the purpose of dry shampoo that cleans hairs without water. However, it is a convenient solution to clean hairs when the time is running out especially on occasional basis. They would prefer regular shampoo over dry shampoo but keep it as alternative when they have short of time.

Consumer Behavior Toward Dry Shampoo essay

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