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Target market Red Bull was one of the first Energy Drink. It gave energy to people who want to be physically and mentally fit from 1982. As the company reported, in 2011 red bull had sold 4. 631 billion cans over the world with 11. 4 per cent increase of 2011. In selling, profits and productivity the data illustrated were the highest one of the company. (www. redbull. com) Moreover, as figure1 illustrated, Red Bull is the most popular energy drink brand all over the world from 2006 to 2012. Clearly target market is one of the most significant reasons for the Red Bull’s success.

As the company’s slogan says, “Red Bull gives you wings”. Red Bull gave wings from the beginning and spread its wings quickly over the world. Until 2011, Red Bull was available in 164 countries. (www. redbull. com) Therefore, it is not necessary for Red Bull to set segmentations by geographic or geodemograhic. Besides, Red Bull is improved for people to create a clearly mind, dynamic performance and an active lifestyle. In other words, Red Bull helps people to be active physically and psychologically and have a zest life.

Therefore it is also not useful for Red Bull to set segmentation by profile or psychographic. Red Bull is a drink to supply energy and increase endurance which could struggle for the physical or mental tired. It helps people to meet the challenges of everyday life such as work, drive, study and sports. (www. redbull. com) According to the text book, the definition of behavioural segmentation is the segmentation which slices consumers on the basis of how they act towards, feel about or use a product. Solomon, et al,2009) Consequently, the best way for Red Bull to set the target market is behavioral segmentation. Red Bull becomes increasingly important in people’s lives when they are working, studying, doing sports and driving. Workers and students are the most significant parts of Red Bull’s target market. Red Bull can make students and workers’ mind clearly. For students all over the world the Red Bull is as important as the pencils and paper. It makes students concentrate and perform well. And it provides students enough energy to the leisure time as well.

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It is essential for someone who works hard and pursues better performance. Sport is Red Bull’s main point. Red Bull supports about 500 professional athletes over the world. It makes sportsman physically and mentally fit. Red Bull provides the athletes a convenient way to improve their endurance, concentration and speed. (www. redbull. com) Drivers are the other large parts of the target market. According to the research from psychopharmacologist Dr. Joris Verster and his colleagues of Utrecht University, Red Bull can reduce driver sleepiness and improve driving performance. Joris Verster, 2010) | Red Bull enhances concentration, reaction speed and vigilance. Red Bull also focuses on the customer who plays video games, goes out day and night. In short, the target market of Red Bull is the customer who needs more energy physically and mentally. Figure1: Top Selling Energy Drink Brands 2006-2012 (Bevnet, 2012) Reference: Bevnet, 2012, Top Selling Energy Drink Brands 2006-2012, http://www. energyfiend. com/the-15-top-energy-drink-brands ?? marketing management….??? Red Bull, , www. redbull. com Joris Verster, SAFE DRIVING STUDY, access at Springerlink. com.

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