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The Secret Behind Red Bull’s Success

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What created Red Bull’s success? What created Red Bull’s success is that they didn’t just jump in with both feet when marketing their product in a new country. Take for instance when they “launched” in the US they started promoting in smaller “cells” because they are a “by-word-of-mouth” company. Once they figured out that they were doing well they then started promoting more throughout the United States. Red Bull has also created a premium image for their energy drink by making it a little more expensive then what other energy drinks sell for.

Red Bull promotes that their drinks create the following effects on their consumers: Increased physical endurance, improved reaction to speed and concentration, increased mental alertness, improved overall feeling of well-being, and stimulated metabolism and increased stamina (Peter, Donnelly Jr. ) Red Bull states these effects are because of taurine, glucoronolactone, and caffeine as well as various vitamins. What is the role of alcohol mixing to Red Bulls success? Mixing Red Bull with Vodka at the bar has become something of the norm for most club goers.

I know my first drink when I turned 21 was a Red Bull and Vodka and from what I remember it tasted great. With drinks such as the Smirnoff Bull and the shambles it shows that Red Bull has now become a type of “mixer” for alcohol. Assume tough competition is coming. How can Red Bull protect its franchise? As BevNet. com sited that Red Bull is a one-trick pony compared to Coco-Cola and other beverage companies they might be in a bit of demise if there is a sales slump. However, I believe that Red Bull has created a name for their company. I drink Red Bull and can say I have honestly never tried a Monster or a Full Throttle energy drink.

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I like the way Red Bull tastes and they have now come out with Sugar Free Red Bull and bigger cans of Red Bull. With Red Bull supporting sporting events owning race teams, and getting their name out there I honestly don’t think they have anything to worry about. What actions would you recommend? I think Red Bull needs to venture out in the market by creating something more “health” conscious for the “health kick” consumers. In the case it talks about Red Bull testing an herbal tea and considering opening up a national fast-food restaurant chain.

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