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Benefits of partnership of a community group

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In the recent years we have witnessed a contract known as ‘Community Benefit Agreement’ that was signed in the USA between community groups and company owners which requires the business owners to provide certain services to the local community or the vicinity while on the other hand the community supports the businesses or will not in any way oppose them (Cnaan & Milofsky, 2007). A study reveals that when the community is more involved in the negotiation procedure, they will be able to tackle the problems to present a debate for all parts of an affected community.

At the spirit of the community benefits schemes is partnership building. According to the agreement, there are various benefits a community will derive from a business operating in the vicinity. They include; good working conditions, local hiring schemes, affordable housing allowances, better remuneration packages, on job training programs, space will be set aside for other small organizations, community centres, child care schools, enhance erection of parks and sporting amenities and giving financial support to community group programs.

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Benefits that a community group may accrue from a company/business through partnership Taking a case in Sydney we find that a recreation field committee of Rankin School of the Narrows in IONA being one of the beneficiaries from the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency through a strategy that was introduced known as Local Economic Benefits (LEB). Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is an agency that deals with stabilizing, solidifying and containing the contaminated materials to clean up the environment and the cleaned up space to be used for recreational purposes.

Sydney Tar Ponds Agency, through the LEB program, supports promotes mission contestants and contractors to promote local community activities. LEB involves various operations such as local employment, improvement of local proficiency sets, promoting local community projects and drawing new citizens to join local communities. An important section that will be checked out is developing an outdoor rink, a young and adults green activity area which will allow those who have no space to plant at home to have a garden, for the young ones it will provide education on plants and how they grow.

As fundraising efforts were underway for the various phases, the committee explored many ways of generating much-needed financial support. Members in the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency have testified that the strategy had helped them develop the outdoor rink that is helping them to give back to the community. This helps the community to grow in positive, healthy directions (Gale Group, 1988). Through the establishment of the outdoor rink for Rankin School of the Narrows in IONA, there will be a lot of motivation in the part of the learners as they will be able to learn extra curriculum activities such as small garden farming.

It will also give individuals work to do thus avoiding idleness which could promote immorality amongst the youths. This will develop the youngsters’ skills and talents that could be of great help to them in future. These small gardens will also add to the country’s aesthetic value thus preserving the splendour of a nation. Conclusion In order to form a triumphant community benefit agreement, it is vital to classify and retain a coalition, facilitate and expertise on a shared agenda, Collins & Porras, 2002).

It is therefore important that the government empowers the community on its rights so as to improve the bargaining power of the community. We find that there are organizations which merely do anything for the community because there are no efforts to demand their contribution to the community. On the other hand the community groups should support the operations of the organization to form that mutual relationship that will promote the introduction of other benefits (Demetrios E. Tonias & Jim J.

Zhao, 2007). Works Cited Gale Group. International directory of company histories. (California: St James Press. 1988) Collins James Charles & Porras I. Jerry. Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies. (New York; Harper Business Essentials. 2002). Cnaan A. Ram & Milofsky Carl. Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations. (Philadelphia: Springer. 2007 pp 26, 27). Tonias E. Demetrios & Zhao J. Jim. Bridge Engineering. (New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. 2007, p 41).

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