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Bless you

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These questions will help us to formulate the objectives and hypothesis of the study: Statement of the Problem The Authors statement of the problem are: How do the Filipinos show their devotion to the Santos Ino? What are the different tittles given to the Santos NIH in the country? What are the traditions of the Filipinos to honor the Santos Infix? How did the devotion spread rapidly n the country?

Objectives Of the Study The Authors objectives are: To know how the Filipinos show their love and devotion to the Santos NIH To develop their thoughts about the devotion of the Filipinos how they show their love to the Santos NIH To know the different traditions to honor the Santos NIH in the country To know the different tittles of the Santos NIH in the country. Scope and Limitations This study was conducted at Lice De Lily in the High School Department only. It started on June 2014. It drew up 80 respondents from the given Department. Importance of the Study

The importance of this study is the Filipinos' faith to the Child Jesus. It aims to study the traditions, festivals, rituals, different tittles of the Santos NIH and many others. Hypothesis Advantages Know more about the traditions in the Philippines In honor of the Santos NIH Know how much the Filipinos show their love and devotion to the Santos NIH How the Filipinos dress the images of the Child Jesus Disadvantages The wrong dressing of the Santos NIH into other characters.

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Bless you

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