Essays on Baptism

Essays on Baptism

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Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God that sh ows our genuineness for him and our love for him. Holy Spirit is Gods guarantee of the inheritance he has promised us. Acts 1:4-5 “On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave …

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First Great Awakening

Revival history is an interesting topic and one that can be explored at great depths. Revivals of the past, if looked at through the right lens, can awaken hope and desire for God to move again, even in the darkest times. Revivals show us that …

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Leadership Structure in the Local Church

Structure for Church Ministry By Geraldine Rowe A Paper Presented to Professor Dr. Epps In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For Research for Scholarly Writing College of Biblical Studies Houston, Texas October 14, 2010 ? Leadership Structure for Church Ministry The local church has not …

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Essays on Baptism
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Importance of Baptism

Importance of Baptism It has great significance. It is an outward symbol of an inner change and transformation that is supposed to take place beforehand. It is an act of sincerity and purity. So what exactly is this? Baptism In Christianity, Baptism is very important …

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Reflection Essay on Protestant Reformation

Before his death at the Second Battle of Kappel (Capel) on October 1 1, 1531, at the age of 47, Zwingli had accomplished much in the way of developing the theology of the growing Protestant faith. While Zwingli and Luther may have agreed on many …

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Miracle of the Crib at Greccio

Francis, and some artworks and texts about him, with the knowledge, tools, and technics nowadays, to study his life in a different view. William R. Cook. The art of the Franciscan Order in Italy. Leiden; Boston: Brill 2005. Though the book is not directly about …

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Reflection of Being Catholic

People who are raised Catholic, would know what I mean when I say most parents of newborns will have their babies baptized into the faith very young, probably within the first 6 months after birth. I was a late bloomer. When I was 6 years …

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God’s Faithfulness

Log then Capture Sometimes we are that piece of log. Lifeless. No shape. No form. No beauty. Nothing special about it. But God sees something special about you. People around you may say that you are bound to fail because you were not able to …

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What is Culture?

Did you know that culture is universal, meaning that all people have a culture; however, it is different culture within communities because of numerous reasons like beliefs, religions, and race. Society cannot exist without developing a shared culture. With that being said, many individuals find …

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Lost Letters of Perganum

The Lost Letters of Perineum, describes a collection of fictional letters being exchanged between two fictional characters known as Antipasti and Luke. Antipasti is a benefactor from Rome, and Luke is a physician and author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. …

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The Amish Culture

The Amish Culture The Amish are a fascinating people. They live surrounded by cities full of technology. Yet they live without automobiles, electricity, and most modern comforts that are taken for granted by many. Donald Kraybill asks the question “How is it that a tradition-laden …

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Biographical Reflection of John the Baptist

Biographical Reflection of a Saint- John the Baptist Though such an accomplished man, not much is known of John the Baptist’s childhood. John, what a basic name right? Wrong, even the name of John was holy, for his name in Hebrew means, “Jehovah is gracious. …

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Cool hand luke

Cool Hand Luke Film Analysis In class we watched the film “Cool Hand Luke”, which is about the protagonist Luke, who is arrested for destroying several parking meters late one night while drunk in a small town, Luke was sentenced to prison. Luke was rebellious …

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Amish Culture

This means that the husband has control over his wife and the decisions and orders he makes are the ones that she must stick by. Amiss women also are the primary caretakers of the home and also school the children. While this Is not the …

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Different Seeings of Christianity

Digging deeper will bring to light many groups coming together under the belief that the state church was no longer leading and teaching biblical theology. There were groups that popped up all across Europe in the wake of reformation lead by Martin Luther, John Calvin, …

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What are the 5 steps of baptism?
It was as easy as five steps: Hear (believe), repent (confess), be baptized. It was easy for me to remember, and it was easy to count.

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