Exploring the Scope of a Course in Human Resource Management

Last Updated: 14 Apr 2020
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Am a graduate in commerce from Pun university, after completing my graduation I decided to take up the masters program in Human Resource Management because was interested in the role it plays in achieving organizations goals and key objectives, amongst them being hiring and training the best employees, and dealing with performance issues. Then, I pursued my post graduation in HRS from SCUD which was a distance learning course. It though helped me in understanding the basic concepts of HARM spectrum; I was unable to apply it practically on job.

It was only when I darted my career working with a consultancy helped me in understanding the importance of recruitment and selection of employees in an organization. While working with a consultancy, gained experience Of client interaction from start up to COMIC level 5 companies. It helped me to gain in depth understanding of recruitment and now was the time to move on and gain practical experience in other functions of HRS. Switched to another company where performed In-house recruitment, got an exposure of hiring interns from TIT Delhi and TIT Iambi for a Japanese client.

My executive role in IT industry is limited to recruitment and training, Performance appraisals, maintaining work atmosphere and managing disputes. Through this program, would like to gain knowledge of various other roles like audit, facilitator, consultancy and service It's through this diverse managerial experience I have acquired both in operating and managing a workforce of so many people that have decided to further my studies and pursue a career that will enable me provide good technical assistance and professional training to different firms ND multinational corporations on how to apply effective managerial principles.

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My throughout education, experience and knowledge inspires me to further enhance my abilities in HARM, and pursuing a certification degree from MM is a dream, a goal and will be the biggest achievement path of my career. I want to succeed in life and this program will enable me to be a trained professional, help me to understand in depth concepts of HARM My career goal is to work in a leading firm that places priority on professionalism ND lead such organization towards attainment of set goals by making use of knowledge as well as experience.

I believe a certification in Human Resource Management is all that I need to make this dream come true. I chose the program from MM to enhance and deepen my knowledge and skills of Learning and development. The best part of the program is to learn, upgrade and grow, apply the learning while working.

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