Becoming a Person of Influence

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Success is not easily attained but because of the influence of other people, it can easily be attained with new enthusiasm. The kind of influence other people impose make the other person response no matter what kind of influence it is. There are different kinds of advantages like in a certain company with the right influence from managers their employees respond with a new sense of interest.

Because of parents influences they can bond with their children on a deeper level, players bloom because of their coaches. Sales person will excel in their sales and break records and can achieve higher income for their products market.

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Every person should be born a leader in their own right but to become a leader we should always be a good follower and belong to a particular organization. Being a good leader we can always be an influence to other person, there are factors we need o consider to become an influence but the root of it started in a religion where we belong it is where we could learn many passages from the bible which we can analyze the deeper meaning of life how it is to be leader, to be a person of influence starts up with being humble and humane.

An act of obligation on others, when other people do good deeds for other people there is always a strong need to return the act of kindness for the other person because, returning the favor liberate the obligation because this is always a part of social conditioning in every society. It could go further than that an ethical regulations does not need to be educated but should be understood.

When someone gives a compliment it can be returned by another smile, even these gestures are unwanted, and there is always a sense of requirement to repay the person who has created the mental and psychological debt.

People often carefully trigger feelings of indebtedness and obligation in others by carrying out an unsolicited favor. The mental and emotional burden created by such situation is often great enough that people would rather be unable to find the benefits of the favor by not asking for it, rather than to experience the humiliation and rejection that might come from asking.

Studies have shown that the discussion is true when individuals break the reciprocity rule by showering special treatment on someone without giving them the chance to repay; there is the same amount of discomfort.

The drive to lessen feelings of obligation is so powerful that it can make people turn to others that they don’t even know. The anxiety to respond is strong enough that when people don’t return the favor, they are viewed with disdain and disgust.

Accepting gifts or favors without attempting to return them is u generally viewed as selfish, voracious, and heart less. It is often strictly due to this internal and external pressure that people become conventional to the rule of reciprocity. People feels justification when they see others do what they want or intend to do.

It was learned early in life that people make fewer mistakes when they follow the social norm. There are two types of norms, explicit and implicit. Explicit norms are openly spoken or written like road signs, employee manuals or game rules. Implicit norms are not usually established openly.

If humans don’t know the norms, they look around and find it. Social corroboration becomes a way to save time and energy to put up what is correct. Other actions were use by people to direct their own actions, to validate the right and wrong.

They don’t always seems to emerge at the positive and negative way in every situation, this automatic triggers what saves people from thinking, if they find inconsistency between what is observe and what is done; they tend to make change in the direction of the social norm.

Social corroboration compels to alter behavior, attitudes, and an action, what was observed by a person doesn’t really contest his true feelings, style and opinion. People go opposing their judgment because they always wanted to be liked, accepted, and found to be in agreement with everyone else.

In seeking out for social norms it helps an individual to know what should be felt and done. Most components, this is not an attentive process because subconscious acceptance of behaving is determined. Almost sixty percent of daily activities are spent in verbal communication, in which an individual could convince and explain influence, negotiate, counsel or instruct. They can create society, excitement and vision with the words they use. The right words are captivating; the wrong words are devastating.

The right words make tings to life, create energy, and are more persuasive than the wrong words. The bottom line is that the words people use attract or repel their prospects. The more a skillful is in the the use of language, the more persuasive the person. In two contrasting situations, items must be presented right after the other. It affects decision making on group meetings, in certain meeting when the great idea is forward after another great idea, it will not have an impact as if it just followed another’s poor idea. This is all about human insight.

The human mind has to find a standard of comparison to make judgments, especially when an unfamiliar situation is being talked about. People need to make comparison with their past experience and knowledge. By presenting your prospects with contrast comparisons are created.

The mind cannot process everything at once and so it develops shortcuts to help make decisions. Instead of making a completely internal judgments people always look for boundaries, patterns and polar opposites. They want to know the difference between the options so that they could naturally contrast the two items.

Humans place things in their mind from best to worst An expectation has great influence to reality and creates results. Individuals tend to make decisions based on how others expect them to perform. As a result, people fulfill those expectations whether positive or negative.

Expectations have a prevailing impact on perfect strangers. People will gratify the expectations of others in order or gain respect and likeability. People rise to meet your expectation of them. This is a powerful force that can lead to the improvement or destruction of a person.

They can always express an expectation of doubt, lack of assurance, and skeptism. Those who believe in someone’s ability confidence should be showed in them and expect them to be successful and different results will be seen.

When expectations are created, people’s behavior are changed, expectations can communicate in a variety of ways. It may be through language, voice. The influences of a person to other person are not measured but what a particular person has attained, it can never be a replacement for fundamental, sincere truthfulness of influencing others.

People started in failures to reach success, it happens not only once but for several times, small achievement comes out for the first time, we need to fail to learn and make the incoming to work. A good kind of reputation can be compared to gold therefore; having sincerity is like owning the mine. People should not worry what others would think and should focus on what is within a person’s character, to take good care of it, and reputation as a whole.

When a person criticize the other, integrity will be responsible to keep a person going, and climb the mountain of success of not striking back, and when this criticism is legal, integrity will help to admit what other people say, be taught from it and keep growing. The opportunity in the future of an individual is brilliant when the attitude is right, but a person should always enjoy the present because it is where the future lies. The voyage of a positive person comprehend that the journey is as pleasurable as the destination.

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