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Becoming an Alpha Male

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Does this sound like you? Are you the guy that women just want to be friends with? Do you have lots of women pals but not lovers? Do women try to push you around, control you or make all the decisions in your relationship? Do you wish you had the confidence and authoritative presence to be in charge of social and business situations?

Do your own insecurities keep you from achieving your own potential? Do you wish your sex life was more creative, exotic and fulfilling? This is the plight of what nature calls the beta male – the lesser man.

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The beta male shrinks into the background and rarely exerts any type of control. He allows himself to be the fallback guy for women, to be controlled by them, and relegated only to asexual pals. He gets very little sex, and what he does get is uncreative and boring. He is not able to assert himself with women or men and has very little chance of achieving his dream in life and love. Beta males do everything in their power to try to please a woman, but no matter how hard they try, women just push them away and push them around.

Beta males are taken advantage of by their friends and by their female companions. Beta males are the “nice guys” who get caught up in the web of deceitful games that women play and end up losing out in all ways possible while their friends, the alpha males, get all the hot women and all the sex they can handle. After a while, these beta males fall out of reality and become even less attractive to women. Shake off the beta male image now! Learn how to be the alpha male! Be the first guy to get this hot new guide on how to command attention from women by learning the techniques of the alpha male!

The alpha male always gets the first pick of woman because of the skills that you will learn in this exciting new guide. Be the master of sexual experiences and social opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. The alpha male gets what he wants, and that guy can be and will be you! You can and will be an alpha male. Forget what you have ever thought about relating to women as a beta male. This informative and innovative new book, Becoming an Alpha Male, will retrain you in how to be dominant, aggressive and completely irresistible to women. That beta male attitude will be gone forever!

Beta males are frequently the subject of abuse by hot women. How many times have you wined and dined a woman, only to take her back to your place to find out that she doesn’t want to have an intimate relationship with you because she sees you as just a “friend”. And how many times does it seem to you that the harder you tried to please a woman, the more she regards you as a just that – a nice friend and does not want to take the relationship with you further. These situations happen because hot women have learned the benefits of preying on what they believe to be men’s motives – desiring them for sex or dating!.

In many situations, beta males always cede power to the hot women who then become bored with being regarded as superior by these very guys. She is actually looking for the guy who will be a challenge to her. This guy will treat her as just an equal or less and be confident of his ability to attract her without resorting to giving expensive gifts, performing favors, or excessively lowering himself to win her approval. This is the behavior that she finds attractive. The guy who is able to do this exudes an inner belief that he thinks he is able to attract women, and women are attracted to this quiet self-confidence.

Consequently, alphas are irresistible to women. The betas who do everything they can to win over a woman’s approval are sabotaging their own efforts, and the more they try, the more women are turned off by them. - How does one shed off the beta male image to move into the alpha male zone, or - How does one cultivate and manifest all the qualities of an alpha male that will quietly attract women, against their subconscious will and beyond their own awareness? These will be among the major challenges addressed in this book, which you will learn after going over the tips in detail.

This article offers only a skeletal preview of the tactics and techniques involved. Get a complete and FREE COPY of the book now for a thorough explanation on the tips. Also, it is no myth that hot women are frequently given their power by beta males, who are willing to accept compromises and even self-abuses in order to get these women. This behavior makes hot women unusually arrogant and ready to walk over you if you are seen to be the next guy that is going after her. Thus betas find getting these women to date them to be nearly impossible.

If you do not wish to settle for less, however, this book is for you. It will teach you how to re-establish the playing field, how to become the dominant party in the relationship, how to get hot women to relinquish those powers that they have been given by the betas, and get them to instinctively surrender to you. Tips to enable you to avoid playing into a hot woman’s games, to avoid being abused by her like the betas who inadvertently became her victims, will be covered in depth in the book, as will the tips on how to lower a hot woman’s esteem and ego, or arrogance.

All these will turn you from being a predator to the target and make you that much more different and harder-to-get than other men, and you can turn from being the hunter to the hunted. While betas yearn to sleep with a hot woman, but fail to get her attention, you would be able to sleep with many as you wish and make hot women accept compromises in order to be with you, if you learn how to develop the Alpha Male combination of inner self-confidence and masculine dominance that attracts women. In other words, you can even have hot women tolerate abuses and mistreatments from you, and they will still yearn to sleep with you.

Therefore, this book teaches you the tips on how to move quickly through transition phase from being a beta into a hot, confident, but also dominant alpha male that attracts hot women and makes them pursue you. Maintaining their threshold of power, alpha males attract hot women to them, but do not have to accept any compromises themselves and can even have their own picks and selections of any hot women they wish. Hot women simply cannot interfere and block their decisions! Have you ever seen how easily jerks discard their choices of beautiful babes and get themselves new ones almost effortlessly?

Jerks are one extreme example of males who attract with dominance and self-confidence. But alpha males can achieve the same thing without being as abusive as jerks. The similarity, however, is that by being an alpha male, you will get women, especially hot women, with success, and not get tossed over by arrogant hotties! Those days will be history pretty soon. And all these and more will be precipitated into realities, but only if you learn how to transform yourself from being a beta male today into an dominant, alpha male, which is the intended purpose for this ebook.

Becoming an Alpha Male essay

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