Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping

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Since the birth of humanity, man is termed as a social animal, a specie which lives in assemblage of his own kind, which has the ability to communicate, express and exhibit his feelings and emotions, a rare and perhaps the only part of the animal kingdom which can relate to each other and share their problems and help resolve them in the most effective and efficient way. This ability of man to co-relate to each other makes him the highest specie out of God’s great creations.

Jacquelyn Small’s book “Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping,” whose first edition was published in 1989, expresses the same point of view of how humans tend to provide help to each other in time of pain and suffering, it being the primary note of providing psychological support to the victim of it. Jacquelyn Small is a well known writer whose work focuses upon inspirational writings, spiritual growth and psychological training.

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She is also the creator and administrator of an organization founded upon therapeutic and guidance known as Eupsychia, established in her native land in Austin, Texas. Through her institute she helps people to regain confidence and insight within themselves, by healing up the wounds of their past and also in bringing a deeper understanding of life through spirituality and studies of sacredness. She is the novelist of many self help books such as ‘Including Awakening in Time’,’ Sacred Purpose in Life,’ and her most recent book ‘Becoming a Practical Mystic.

’ This book caters an audience of all ages, from children to the adults it’s a must read, which concerns life at every level. The word “therapeutic” as the dictionary describes it is a process designed to deal with illnesses, usually psychological, helping one to relax and calm down over his worries. It makes a person understand of how he can be of help to his loved ones, who are suffering through such an illness. It is a process which involves one to open up and start the process of healing through the mere connection of hearts and communication.

It is a book which contains secretive ways of how one might me able to influence and change the life of others by not even being overly possessive about them, and how this phenomenon has backfire effects which would eventually help the healer himself in solving his own mental disturbances. The spirit of healing as the writer describes, lies within every individual, just requires a little bit of encouragement and it would be able to work freely.

Moreover, in this edition she describes ten various characteristics, from warmth to correctness, which are held within everybody, just requiring a little bit of realization and insight. The basic art of this therapy is to lower down and break the boundaries between the helper and the victim, how to help the other person to open up to you, even if you are his teacher, judge or even his family. The book also holds samples of clear dialogues and conversations, which the therapist and patient could have within, complimented by examples setup in different situations; creating a path to inner peace and devotion for others.

This book helps one to understand ones God gifted ability to understand the pain of others and how he could help himself in bringing out the therapist from within. It is a simple book, with specific techniques which has been changing lives throughout the world. References Small, J. (1989). Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping. Topeka Bindery ISBN: 1417715588

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