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Autobiographical Narrative: Draft

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Title: The Raintree parade, Double space and indent paragraphs It’s early Monday morning; I stretch my arms wide, and yawn as I struggle to pull myself out of bed.

I look over at the clock, Gasp! It’s already 8:30… I run around as if I’m a lunatic, and I hop around and put my pants, shirt and shoes on. I hear my mom yell from down stairs, “James, are you up yet?! ” I yell back “In a minute mom! ” Begin a new paragraph each time a new person speaks. So I rush out of my bedroom and past the bathroom in a rush, the sound of my backpack flapping against my back fills the empty hallway.As I run down the steps I’m sure to skip every other one to save time, and its just plain fun to see how many steps you can skip. I grab my breakfast, and lunch of the counter just before I yell goodbye to everyone. You see, my family consists of Me James, my mother Susan, My father Ricky, and my little sister Olivia. Yep that’s my family and most of the time if you asked me I indeed would change them for the world.

Would or wouldn’t change them? Just as I get to the bus stop, to my shock, it pulls up.I try to calm myself by saying everything will be ok under my breath, “Here I go, another day of school it’ll be ok you can do it James” I climb aboard the chaotic bus, and look into the faces of what seemed like 1000 eyes staring me down. So I scan for a seat I can use, carefully though if you pick the wrong one you could end up a black eye or laughed at by the entire school, that’s my favorite of the two by the way. To my surprise I make it to class alive for another day. Just as I take my seat in class the teacher takes attendance.She calls out everyone’s name. And after that comes the announcements, she tells us that the Raintree parade is coming next week.

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She goes on to tell us that our class must get in groups and work together on a float. It’s time to get in pairs and go to the gym where we will be assigned jobs for the float. She tells us our partners she says “Philip and Hmm…Abby, Brian and Sarah, Milton and…” At that point I am yelling out in my head “Don’t say James, don’t say James, don’t say James” And, she says James.It’s no big shock I get paired up with the nerdiest kid in the world. He walks up to me and in a nasally voice he says “Hey James, ready to get started? ” There’s no way I want to start on this with you is what I was thinking but out loud I say, of course. Let’s do this! So we walk over to the gym in what was supposed to be a single file line. One at a time we… This is a great start.

I hope you get a chance to finish it by the time you turn in your final draft. Remember to indent a begin a new paragraph each time a new person speaks when writing dialogue.

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