Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘Aubade’: A Journey into the Fear of Death and Loneliness

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Analysis of Aubade He is lonely and depress with the world. He drinks every single, work to support himself and stay up all night rethinking about his useless life. He is dark outside and cold from the inside, no one can see him. He is afraid of what might happen if he takes another step into life. He begin to describe his emotional feelings on paper, thinking about the time that he will be the next one laying in the grave, he is fearing death.

In the poem, “Aubade,” Philip Larkin take the reader into his pathless journey, letting his audience know what he does and what will happen. He accomplished this through the use of imagery, poetic devices, and organization of the poem. Throughout this poem, the narrator uses imagery by describing his fear of death and the unexpected of death. In the first stanza, lines 1-2, “I work all day, and get half drunk at night, waking at four to soundless dark,” show what he does on his daily basis.

He tell people what he is doing without feeling shame, “ work all day” you can picture him working at factory doing the same thing all over again, meanwhile he come and get “half drunk. ” It seem like the narrator can’t sleep and he is depress. His depressing phrases, he begins to describe what is outside of his house when stepping into the society of death. In lines 3-4, “In time the curtain…till then I see… Unresting death,” he goes from light behind his curtain, the brightness he faces in the morning when going to work and the death road along the way.

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He emphasizes the “unresting death,” explaining that he will soon die and he makes all thoughts impossible. “The mind blanks at the glare. Not in remorse- The good not done, the love not give,” is the mephator Philip uses to establish the meaning of the title. Aubade is the lovers separate at dawn, so other words it doesn’t mean two couples, it is the relationship between death and the narrator. The death can be seen as a lover; because the narrator spends the whole time in bed thinking of what will happen to him if he start another day.

The lover can be dawn, “the love not give,” walk away when light hit. With his tone of fear, he describe the “emptiness,” when dying you feel nothing but knowing that you are alone in the grave. The sentence “not to be anywhere” exist on its own line, this where we see the narrator create a connection with death by using the context, line is says, and form, the sentence is all by itself. The narrator is trying to make you feel that death is the one that can separate you from your own life and keep you lonely forever.

The organization of “Aubade” is rather linear. Philip begin with all the negatively, what he does every single day and the fear he has inside of him, death. In the second stanza he show an emotional appeal letting his audience know that he is unable to do anything because death will soon arrive to him. In the third stanza, he tell his opinion about religion, he has no trust with god to save his life, he believe it is a trick as mention in lines 22- 24, “No trick dispels. Religion used to try.. reated to pretend we never die,” to him he has no belief in savor. As we scroll down to the next two stanza, he tell the readers that even if we want to step away from death, there is no way to overcome and he says in rhyming way, “ Being brave, Lets no one off the grave. ” He knows that death is one of the top ten lists of fear. We can feel what he is trying to getting across. We know that he fears death and he speak about what will be expected and the moments that he wished that he could of created. With the journey he took his readers

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