Finding Nemo: Overcoming Fear and the Hero’s Journey

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In this movie, Marlin, the hero, must find and rescue his son, Memo, who has been captured by divers. Although Marlin is afraid he wills himself to Journey to the deepest, darkest, most dangerous areas of the ocean to find Memo. In Finding Memo, through three critical stages of Joseph Campbell monthly, Marlin discovers that he must overcome his fears in order to save his son. In the "Ordinary World" stage of the hero's Journey, Marlin expresses inordinate fear towards the ocean and taking risks.

While preparing for the first day of school in is anemone, Marlin inquires, "What's the one thing we have to remember about the ocean? " "It's not safe," replied Memo with a heavy sigh. In this ordinary world, the fear that Marlin will conquer is introduced with his parenting. Marlin teaches Memo to fear because of his horrendous past experiences. While Marlin is cultivated and cautious, Memo, on the other hand, is innocuous and imprudent. Because of this, Memo's father is set on sheltering Memo from the outside world. At this point in the journey, Marlin has extreme anxieties that are yet to be conquered.

Additionally, Marlin begins to conquer his fear of the "big blue" and gambling with life as he enters the "Crossing the Threshold" stage of Campbell monthly. When Memo ventures out into open water to touch "the butt" (boat), he is nabbed by divers, and Marlin rushes to action and chases the boat. "l have to find the boat! " he exclaimed as he raced through the violent water. It is at this point that Marlin realizes that fear fades when there is danger at hand. For example, it only takes a split second for Marlin to think before plunging into the thing that has frightened him for years.

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He takes the first step to vanquishing the terror that controls his life due to the possible death of his son. Memo's capture empowers Marlin to venture on a search and rescue mission, regardless of the peril he is bound to face. During the second critical stage, Marlin begins to apprehend why and how he must stand in the face of danger to surmount his fears. Moreover, during the "Road Back" stage of the hero's Journey, Marlin releases all of his fear and discovers that some chances are worth taking. Marlin comes to this realization when Dory and several other fish are engaged within a fishing net, and

Memo uses his newly found knowledge to hatch a plan to help them elude their cruel fates. "l can do this," pleads Memo. Marlin replies with a look of pride and understanding, mire's right. I know you can. " Marlin finally understands that keeping Memo from attempting anything outside of the box because of his own fear. Once he sees that Memo's method worked, he realizes that he does not have to fear for Memo as much as he previously thought. By giving Memo permission to consummate his plan, Marlin quells his fear of trying new things and finally learns to trust his son.

Because of this close encounter with danger and death, Marlin is able to rid himself of the fear that has controlled him ever since the birth of his son. In the last critical stage of Marlin's Journey, he pulls together all of the erudition he has gathered from his quest to realizes that his fear can be overcame with action. Three critical stages of Joseph Campbell are exemplified as Marlin manumits his son from the clutches of his captors while conquering his fears. From the hero's journey in Finding Memo, one can learn that no matter the size or rationality of the fear, it can be overcome if it is faced head on.

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