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Your Devices in the Near Future Which input/output devices will you be using in the next one to three years as "computing" devices? I really have fallen in love with my Dell desktop computer; so until I need to buy a new one I will just stick to what I know. Plus I have a great computer guy that can fix any problem that may arise and he is always updating and putting protective ware on my pc. I also love my computer because it is simple and I can easily print out things that I need. I love my Dell! Which features/components/form factors will be prominent?

Why? I really do love my Dell computer and don’t really want to get anything new unless I had to. If I did have to get a new device I would buy a desktop for sure. I would want one that is easy to use, simple, and to the point. I really dislike all that fancy stuff. I don’t understand it and I’m comfortable with what I know. There are a few gadgets out there such as the ipad but I really don’t like touch screen stuff. I like touching and the feel of the key board and a mouse. Which features/components/form factors will be important to you? Why?

Again the features important to me would just be something simple and Stephanie proof. I am the biggest dork and electronics and I don’t usually get along all that well. I don’t do well with complex devices. I have tried some of them that my friends own but, for me to fork out that kind of cash I would have to go to college just to learn how to operate them. I still have a flip phone and the original iPod. Which applications will you be using on these devices? The only applications that I would be using on my device would be internet explorer, Microsoft office, and to play games.

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I really don’t use my computer for much more than surfing the web, playing games, and doing my school work. How may these devices change your life in terms of benefits and risks? I don’t think these devices will change my life other than the cost of a new device. I don’t have all the money in the world so I just stick to what I know. I am not against the new and advancing technology but I like the good old days. Also the only thing other than the price tag on these devices is my ability to understand how to operate them. I know I can learn but, for right now I am doing just fine with what I have.

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