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The student body of your University

I would be grateful if offered the opportunity to be a member of the student body of your University.I am currently undertaking my studies at Grossmont College and I would wish to transfer to your University in order to study Business Administration.

Grossmont College does not offer undergraduate programs and I wish to further my studies to the highest level I can achieve in an institution which encourages both personal and collective academic advancement.I am specifically enthusiastic about your University due to the high levels of integrity and quality education being offered besides providing for students a good environment for studies.

The visions and goals of your University as an academic institution are in line with my personal goals for I desire to positively change the human society through knowledge that I wish to gain from your institution when given the chance.

I believe that University of San Diego is the place where the foundation of my career stand to be shaped as its values has the capacity to further build my worth as a moral and intellectual being.

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My objectives are to work in the business world as a manager and I believe my studies at your esteemed institution will adequately equip me for such an eventuality.

I completely understand my responsibility as a student and I am only requesting for the opportunity to join your student body and the entire community of University of San Diego. I will abide by all the rules and focus on achieving my academic and intellectual goals while at the same time making positive contribution towards my fellow students and the entire community of the University of San Diego.

I am looking forward to a positive response and an opportunity to join your academic institution. Thank you in advance.

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