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MSU Application Essay

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High school times were tough years I have surpassed as I am about to enter a new level of my education, College. I always dream to be in a high standard University where I know, can polish much my knowledge, not only give me knowledge in my chosen field but also to inculcate in my being the attitudes and ideals every person needs to succeed in every endeavor they undertake.

I am from Indonesia; I want to study in Michigan State University for I know it can meet my educational needs and help me to achieve more in my life. Not all of the students are given such great opportunity to be part of this University. Being a student of MSU is just like one step away from the green pastures, a place where success are easily within my reach if I will just strive hard to achieve it.

As an international applicant as I am from Indonesia, I believe I could greatly contribute much to the cultural life of Michigan State University, in the manner that I can share to other students the values, beliefs, traditions of my country. Even if I am already in a foreign land, I could still preserve my culture and not just totally forget about it. I will be very proud to share, to cultivate more the values my home land has implanted in my being. I will show to them how an Indonesian respects other people, the elders, the beliefs and traditions of other denominations, religious groups and how to treat those who other people thought does not deserve any respect at all. As an Indonesian, I was brought up to be an educated individual.

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Way back in Indonesia, I always see to it that I never hurt or break our families’ rules, even our schools’ rules and policies. For me, breaking a law that you know is bound to any punishment is negligence and is not showing any responsible attitude reflected by the upbringing of one’s family. I also have been to many trials as a student but this does not stopped me from dreaming more. I dream to be a successful individual, and a better person whom people sees as an epitome of diligence, courage, love, justice and integrity.

Diligence in what I am doing, I see to it that I give my all and not just mediocrity, letting the people know that even I am from a foreign country I can still manage to excel; Courage, having the courage and strength to persevere amidst all trials and difficulties that an ordinary and weak spirit will almost surrender; love, having the passion in doing things related to my chosen endeavor, like in my studies and other school projects and not thinking of the hindrances; Justice and Integrity are those essential ingredients of becoming a great student, not just an ordinary student applicant from Indonesia, but an Outstanding and Exemplary student from Indonesia, who dreams and is working in that dream to become into reality.

Not minding the boundaries, thousands of kilometers, miles, several oceans to cross; but the dream of having a great and successful future in Michigan State University.

I know that I can be of great influence to other students, to individuals in the community that sometimes thought that one can never do great big things. I will show to them that I may not be perfect in terms of physical attributes, intellectually but I know that I am real and I will strive hard, be willing and be always determined to persevere. Just fight, fight, fight. For I know I am going to reap my reward if I will just stay strong and not frail and not lose hope. I firmly believed that on my way to my success in the future are my family, friends and colleagues support towards me. Their undying love, support and faith in me keeps me going on.

MSU Application Essay essay

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