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Andrew Jackson Was Not a Democrat

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People voted Jackson as president with the title of a democratic. He was completely the opposite; his ruling was more like the practice of tyranny. Democracy is a political system in which supreme power depends on citizens who can elect people to represent them, and believe in majority rule. Jackson’s Presidency was not democratic because he lacked the with “the power of the people” concept, He practiced the Indian Removal Act, the spoil system, and inflames the poor against the rich for the National Bank. DOC G) Democracy is basically known as power to the people, and the majority rule. Methods of electing presidential electors changed when Jackson started ruling. Even though more people were voting instead of legislative (DOC A), Natives were still not allowed to vote. The common people were universal-white-manhood which only benefitted them. (DOC B) To be democratic, all offices must fall under absolute control of the people, (DOC D) which it wasn’t. Jackson didn’t represent power to the people.

When Jackson was president, they had the spoil system. The spoil system doesn’t represent democracy what so ever. In the politics of the United States, a spoil system is a system where a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its voters. (DOC C) If Jackson were a true democratic, he would give jobs to people who qualified and deserve them, not just because they are of the same affiliation. (DOC I) Another reason why Jackson was not democratic is because he practiced the Indian Removal Act. DOC J) You can tell it wasn’t democracy because he had one thousand Seminoles, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Cherokee Indians forcibly moved to Indian Territory West of Mississippi. (DOC L) In democracy, it means everyone is entitled to be equal, and Jackson sending people away and taking their land is obviously not treating someone equal. Jackson didn’t support being a democratic because (DOC F) Andrew Jackson claims that out of 25 bank directors 5 are chosen by the government and 20 by the citizen stalk holders.

He finds this to be an evil to our country when the majority of these people are actually chosen by stalk holders. Daniel Webster claims that Andrew Jackson seeks to inflamed the poor against the rich. (DOC G) This could disrupt a democratic society. (DOC E) The cartoon picture shows that he is willing to use his veto to just stop anything he doesn’t like. This is abuse of power. The picture also shows him as a king, we all know that a king isn’t an elected official.

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Jackson wasn’t a democratic because he lacked power of the people concept (DOC A,D,H,B,N), He practiced the Indian Removal Act, (DOC L,K,R,M), The spoil system,(DOC C,I) and inflames the poor against the rich for the National Bank (DOC E,F,G). The best piece of evidence that he wasn’t democratic was Jackson’s slave holdings. Jackson served as president starting in 1829. At that time, Jackson had over 90 slaves. In the mid 30’s, Jackson owned more than 120 slaves. If he truly believed that all people deserved equal, he wouldn’t own slaves. Jackson did not practice democracy like people believed he did.

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