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The first paragraph will define advertising while the others (except the last, which is the conclusion) will discuss the aspects of adverts as outlined in the question Advertising is the activity that involves the attraction of public attentions towards a product or a business. It is done by announcements in the printed media like newspapers, broadcasted in both electronic media like television and Radio. This article will focus on the advert from: (www. enpferney. org/ImageFiles/advert2. jpg. ).

The advertisement I’ve chosen bears two sharply contrasting pictures of a model in one instance, as seen over dirty glass pane and another is a clear image of herself as seen through crystal-clear glass after washing. The object that is being emphasized upon is the glass cleaner. To start with the emotional appeals of the advert, the picture is a model with only the brassiere on; this offers a sexual attractive image with further attracts their attention. At the top is inscribed the Blue words “You Couldn’t nave a better View.

” According to the color-wheel, blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body this case, blue has been used to promote products and services related to cleanliness as it produces a calming effect and to suggest precision when the high tech product in this case, a glass-cleaner. In comparison to sensitive colors like yellow, orange and red, blue is linked to awareness and brainpower. At the background is the light purple color, which provokes nostalgic and romantic feelings on the observer.

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According to Jib Fowles, there are 15 appeals of advertisements on the recipient. Depending on which aspect of the individual it is targeted, an ad can take a different course on the thinking of an individual. On the emotional side of a person’s life, he says: It gives form to their deep-lying desires and imaging situation of one’s self that people are anxious about, advertisers thus, have the highest possibility of capturing attention and influence communication.

We glimpse at a picture of a lone rancher at work, and ‘Marlboro’ sneak into our minds, agencies, which supply the expertise, are even more bound to have a lot of appeal to consumers' initiative and longings; called “continuous pressure” The use of subliminal petition is a common remark among sellers. The appeals discussed by Fowles in reference to the advert in my consideration are as follows; on sexual appeal, this advert displays an almost naked woman save for the Brassiere that covers her breasts.

In order to figure out the emotional appeal attached to this advert, we need to know who the consumers in target are; this is easily deduced from the website that hosts this picture. This idea is of great help in shaping the plea as well as in deciding between multiple show. For instance, an advert like the one featured here showing a partially undressed female, this signals one appeal for readers with a craving sex or in other cases, for readers need for attention. On seeing this, potentially attractable target are men who would imagine their sexual pleasure.

However, he proposes that advertisers have found that sex is a complicated plea and many a times does not elicit direct impact and thus only employ it in moderation. Appeals to an individual’s need for a better interpersonal contact are less contentious and evenly enticing. The second appeal posed by this advert is that of need for affiliation. In this context, the writer says; the need for emotional attachment consists of 24 desires which in totality draw near and pleasantly collaborate with another; to gratify and win fondness of another; to hold fast and remain devoted to a companion.

The indication of this intention can be segmented into several different classes of affiliation, starting with romance formulated by the mind out the external stimulus of sight. . Helen Ingham quotes from Leavis who says that some advertisements inflict ‘freezing effect' on people’s critical responses to their environment and that, given pieces of text in advert for example ‘you will have a break! ,’ the observer gets a sense that they can escape from their current state of autonomy of social obligations by seeking adventure which takes the form of a one-person flight.

The other Need in display in this advert is that of aesthetic sensations. There is, in the advertisement I’ve chosen, an undeniable visual component: the stunning photography and well-placed text, style for the background color is well chosen and the layout is well over enough to attract the attention of the potential observer. Fowler argues that advertisers know that observers have too little chance of watching the advertisement as it comes and goes and thus, they usually time it so well that the little time got is used effectively well to pass the information accurately and fully.

This calls for good communication, which must occur if an advertisement is to be made visually appealing. The advert in question is a particular product (Glass-cleaner) even though it is not very easy to relate a specific advert and the response it elicits on the purchasing behavior, it only acts as a host of influences upon consumption. As much as there is no evidence to prove that advertisement makes buyers do so intuitively, all the emotional attachments that come together with impulse buying cannot be attributed to adverts. This is because every individual has moral sense that governs their interests thus what to buy and when to buy it.

Fowles concludes by saying that even if the appeals of advertising are very captivating, they are not likely to be a target for trapping the consumer. Advertising is therefore solely for promoting positively, the image of the product or service on to the consumer.

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