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The concept of assessment, in everybody’s mind is that of the score card generated by the student as a result of the examination. A certain portion of the student community, however, is not able to take part in such exams, (Massanari Carol B. )and get a score card as the rest of their community. Such students may be suffering from any cognitive disabilities, or has deficits in communication or language. They may need highly specialized education program or educational support systems, like, assistive technology and personal care systems (NYSAA).

Such students cannot perform in the routine examinations, even after the accommodations are made. The alternative assessment system is designed by the Education Department, to benefit such students. The alternate assessment system the performance of a student based on : - Portfolio : consisting of samples of actual work/models done by him/her - Parental feedback: which accounts for his interests and activities beyond the school hours - Observing a child in a classroom - The performance of a child related to a specific activity (Massanari Carol B. )

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An interesting fact to be noted is that the standards for students eligible for alternate assessment are the same as those approved by the board of regents for all students. A student achieving a alternative assessment level 1 would indicate that he participates passively, in activities based on mandatory alternate performance indicator, for a single learning standard. Whereas, a level 4 would indicate that he can perform the skills independently and accurately, based on at least two learning standards and four alternate performance indicators. (NYSAA)

The alternate assessment system is very authentic also, because it is designed and promoted by the Education Department of the Government of the United States. The Alternative assessment system is very useful and important as it is of great help to the students who could not take the general assessments. It gives them the advantage of not being left behind, because of their inability to take the general tests. Collection We live only one life. In this short time p there is so much to know, so many things to do. Engaging our mind constantly and continuously enriches our mind.

It is this richness of mind which would make us live our life in a satisfactory way. I use all my extra time in collecting information on events that can be considered historic. They may be newspaper or magazine clippings, personal photographs or electronic data from the internet. Such a passion many times reveals many interesting facts, raises many questions or is simply amazing to our minds. I would like to share what some of my collections reveal. Till the devastation of New Orleans by a hurricane, the administration of the most powerful

country on this world was not aware of the fact that the land on which such a big human habitat has developed is much below the normal sea level. Science teaches us that there is no atmosphere on moon. The flag of the United States, which Neil Armstrong hoisted on the surface of moon, is fluttering. How? There was a gap of at least 50 minutes between the attack on the twin towers of WTC and on the Pentagon. What was the most sophisticated military and air force of the super power of this world doing during this 50 minutes? Was it impossible to trace the missing planes?

The precision with which late President John F. Kennedy was hit by the bullet is evident from the fact that the X-ray plates, taken immediately after the shoot out, reveal that his skull had no brain. Pictures of natural beauty are simple refreshing to mind. I refer back to them whenever I feel monotonous. The colorful farms of Switzerland, the vast stretches of deserts, the snow clad mountains, or the deep ocean sea life,,, nature is always very refreshing. Enrichments of mind is should go on continuously throughout our lives, irrespective of age and profession.

That is precisely what a habit of collection does. References : 1. NYSAA, New York State Alternate Assessment with Severe Disabilities, Retrieved on 17 August 2007 from : http://www. vesid. nysed. gov/specialed/publications/policy/broch.


2. Massanari Carol B. , P. HD, Mountain Plains Regional Resource Centre, Alternate Assessment Q & A, retrieved on 17 August 2007 from: < http://72. 14. 253. 104/search? q=cache:ik3ImYzbTZUJ:www. usu. edu/mprrc/infoserv/pubs/q%26aaa. pdf+alternate+assessment+in+math+and+its+uses&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=in >

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