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Creative Writing Project Scene Writing BY: Timothy Stevenson Romeo has just arrived in Mantua after being banished permanently by the Prince because of the death of Tybalt. Tybalt was slain as revenge for the murder of his cousin Mercutio, who Tybalt killed earlier. The earlier events of the play included Romeo falling in love at first sight and Juliet reciprocating his love. The two cannot got public which such love, as they are from rivaling houses that hate each other dearly. Romeo is extremely depressed. CHARACTERS

Romeo Montague- son of Sir and Lady Montague, falls in love with Juliet and is banished for the murder of Tybalt Mercellio- lesser known servant of Romeo, seeks him out to give him information Rosaline- unseen character in the first 2 Acts makes her first, verbal appearance MANTUA - DAY Romeo has just settled in Mantua after his night with Juliet, and is sitting on a bench outside of a park, depressed. A bird lands next to him and he studies it. Romeo Fair bird, thou not wary of me? Thou not know who I am? I am Romeo, murderer of kin and Verona exile! I’m a cruel murderer and I long for my own destruction.

As the pearl of light has been stripped from me because of these fatal events, you bird should not be around me. You may be slain as well! You’ve ne’er experienced the destruction that occurs around me. Everything beautiful is stripped and dies slowly in my presence like I am intertwined with the eerie death that takes everything wondrous away and makes everything sad. To be near me is to be near everything evil and undesirable. Fallen Tybalt, my kin, eliminated because of the end of the story of great Mercucio. To exact revenge was to be stripped of the illustrious Juliet. Fear me, bird.

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Fear my very presence. The bird pecks him on the hand and it begins to bleed. The bird flies away while Romeo stares at the wound the bird has caused. Romeo Thank you bird! I deserve it and more. To walk into war without a weapon to be slain of such heart gripping pain! How about the apothecary gives me 20 gallons of their finest poison, sweet poison that I can engorge myself to be stripped of my love and the light of this cold world. The world is a dark void without her glow to illuminate even the darkest of caverns. The blackest kettle would be turned white by her presence.

Her gleam’s name is Juliet, oh full Juliet, your beauty encompasses everything and more. And as fate plays such a cruel game, your shameless game…show your face! Show it so that I can slay you most beautifully! The banishment from sweet Verona is most undesirable. I’d appreciate the sweet vengeance of death than the nagging fault of banishment. To know that admirable Juliet is sealed behind the walls of Verona away from me without me able to anything about it…is agony. This is true agony of a tireless heart. Romeo interrupts briefly to look at the cloudy sky. Enter Mercellio, servant of Romeo] Mercellio Romeo, oh fair Romeo! I have most remarkable news! News that’ll alleviate your gloom! Your mood of Juliet has made you an evil character, made you feel less than a man shall ever feel and you continue to drown yourself face first into the waters of sorrow. Art thou is Romeo! Romeo must not tirelessly wane and moan and cry to skies that aren’t listening… ROMEO To alleviate anything means that you must mean death! Nothing can revive me from the mood that I’m in. Nothing can wash the pain of not seeing sweet Juliet ever again…nothing foolish servant!

What simple boast do you plan to tell me? The only news of Juliet with me will bring me happiest, imprudent one. That’s an impossible task that not even the bravest of men can succeed in. To fall in love and to be stripped of it so cleanly is the inferior destiny of my dismal life. Life is nothing without her. News means nil unless it’s new of my return to Verona. I imagine killing myself just so I wouldn’t have to deal with such crushing pain and now as I drown in it I cannot cut my ties to this world as to cut my ties would end with truly never being with her again.

MERcellio You cannot continue life like this forever, brave Romeo. To let this consume you is to give up life itself and starve for the affections of a single woman is absolutely ludicrous. You cannot continue like this sir. ROMEO You know nothing of the pain I’m feeling. You could never experience something so agonizing as such; to hinder the ability of sleep is the pain I’m feeling. Worse than the death of the most important thing to you is the realization that you can never be with the one that means the most to you. You are a complete fool to call me ludicrous…ludicrous!

Thou is ludicrous for not being able to experience this with me, ludicrous for thinking I can just let such emotions waver. The attempt of capturing Juliet and simply vanishing from all eyes keeps me here, keep me from revealing my sheathed sword and slaying you with your foolish words. MERCELLIO Slaying me because of a female is absolutely ludicrous! I have known you for quite some time, good Romeo and you again and again looked for women to reciprocate your love to and asked for the hearts of many women, only to see your heart wrung mercilessly by such. You find this lifestyle un and continue, hoping to find such a woman to return it to you! Because young Juliet arrival of emotion upon you is enough to lay in distraught, thinking about what could and could not have been. Is life that closed of a circle, dear Romeo? ROMEO What is life with a Juliet? There is no life to think of without such a creature, unrealistic until I found her waiting for me in the chains of the Capulet’s. Why have you ventured out for me, dim Mercellio? What have you to tell me? MERCELLIO Ah, yes! To argue with you is to forget my true intentions of seeking you out.

To find you to reveal to you news that may be pleasing to ones ear, though ones mood may completely destroy it as another beautiful beacon searches for Romeo to talk… Romeo interrupts Marcellio in mid-speech, effective cutting him off. ROMEO What woman do you speak of, servant? What is she called? Where is her place of? Lastly, if she isn’t Juliet, I do not desire this information in the least bit. No woman can compare to the excruciating emotion that will overcome me when I see her fairness once again. Oh, Juliet. MERCELLIO This girl isn’t the much desired Juliet you long for…

ROMEO Then what need do I need such information. Go, Mercellio before you regret coming as your life will be stripped from you with my blade. MERCELLIO Please, kind Romeo. This woman states that she knows you and she’s waiting for you…she was timid in meeting you again but she longs to meet you once again. She has nagged to me in the journey how she longs for you once again and is ready to begin with you… romeo Who Marcellio? Speak before I slay you with my sword. This is the last time I will say such a thing before I do it! Your very next word shall be her name!

Romeo quickly stands up and unsheathes his sword. Mercellio quickly leaps to his feet. MARCELLIO Rosaline! Sweet Rosaline has longed to see you again! Romeo drops his sword in shock at Mercellio’s words. ROMEO Astonishing Rosaline? Where art thou? [Enter Rosaline, sullen] Rosaline Romeo, oh Romeo. My heart aches for your sun. You evaded and left your efforts with me to be with the wondrous Juliet, fair beautiful Juliet and left me distraught. Your attempts at me have been refuted and your eye gazed at a younger beauty. Have you forgotten me Romeo? You no longer desire me, and instead desire youthful Juliet?

ROMEO Oh, how fate tests me! Banishment from Verona has caused the most unlikely of meetings! I meet you, here, in the streets of Mantua asking for me! Through me finding love in a beautiful flower races the devil’s cry to change me into nothing! Temptation is at its highest peak than it had ever been and I still find the strength to resist it! You’ve long for me, elegant Rosaline? Ha! How art thou found me? ROSALINE I have longed for you, fair Romeo. I have asked ones, ones that knew of your location, through this I have located you and finally find you in remarkable Mantua.

Can you not see how I long for Romeo, my Romeo? The Romeo that has lust for me with the purest of loves? My fair Romeo? ROMEO Your Romeo! Ah, alas you tempt to woe me into submission with your cries of longing? Thou wrote you poems of love and I have gone unnoticed by your beautiful eye! Thank you! For looking for you I found a much better flower, a sweet innocent flower waiting for me, locked waiting for her lover! The loves I’ve harnessed with tight straps have completely drawn my blood blue with pain and suffocation, as you couldn’t see the blue!

You couldn’t see anything in those appealing eyes, cold as the fiercest of winters and the snow that assists them! Thou trick with in incantations! ROSALINE You no longer see me as a beautiful sun? The sweet essence which you said you wanted, you breathed, the attention you’ve given, the feelings you’ve told me have now disappeared into the dark halls of time? Instead of greeting me with the passion that you’ve always have, you shun me like a common whore, embarrassing me like some common mistress. You seem to not care that I’m here, asking for my Romeo!

ROMEO Why art thou here! ROSALINE I long for my Romeo! The Romeo that made my heart glow with passion and intensity! ROMEO The Romeo you seek is gone, hidden in the shadows, and forever departed. I no longer lust for you Rosaline. You were once a beautiful rose that quickly wilted and the dust has been removed from your vision you want to come to me? I’m lost at sea thirsting for a sweet whiff of Juliet. You have expired like the curds floating atop of milk. MERCELLIO Rosaline has been longing for you a while, good Romeo.

Your attempts at you have not gone unnoticed like a wolf’s cry in the woods, but young Rosaline has been tried many times and has seen many failures in her life, aiding in her wary to appeal to you as well. As a troubled soul now she seek me out, throughout the danger to come and see you Romeo. Have you truly no emotion residing inside of you but the emotion of fair Juliet? Thou doesn’t care that Rosaline left Verona to come and meet with you? Thou are truly dark? Sworn to chastity, poor Romeo is depressed an ignorant to see the feelings of one Capulet that defied all in seeing you?

ROMEO Thou has not wanted me until thou seen me with Juliet! Thou are selfish in her desire to try and steal me! As her cousin, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself! ROSALINE I have no such desire! You have desire to still be with I! You still want I! As you refute and deny it, you cannot forget about me as you claim you have! I will never be erased from your mind! ROMEO What did you plan to do, beautiful Rosaline, when you came here? Woe me back into my love for you like a foolish kid who has nothing else to do? Because I will not slip into a fatal trap!

I have undying love for Juliet…Juliet… ROSELINE I didn’t come to woe you of anything Romeo and as we speak, I myself am risking banishment and exile from Verona and from my kin! I wanted to admit to you… ROMEO Admit what? What is there to admit? You have nothing viable to say! You’re risking everything for nothing! Aren’t you? ROSALINE Risking everything for nothing is not how I felt, dear Romeo. I felt a different way. I felt I had to tell you how I felt, if you long to hear it. [Romeo looks at Rosaline and as he is about to open his mouth, curtain close]

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