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The Life of Walter Mitty (Alternate Ending)

The life of Walter Mitty By Gregory Jones 9/17/12 Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last. “Walter! ” his wife yelled “what are you doing can’t you see I’m ready to leave! ” Ok Mitty replied they got into the car and Mitty turned on the radio. The Football game had just ended, and the announcer was describing the atmosphere in the game it was the 4th quarter with only 30 seconds left on the clock.

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“Ok Mitty you’re going to throw to the drag route understand? “Yeah coach I know what to do I’ve done this before” Mitty ran onto the field into the huddle. “Ok guys we got 30 seconds left were going for it now, everyone just run down for a Hail Mary. The players stared at him in confusion they all knew the coach wouldn’t have called the play but they had faith in their quarterback to win the games. Mitty slowly walked up to the center and got set, looking at the linebackers and safety. Hike” Mitty dropped back, but the defensive tackle broke through the line and chased him out of the pocket. Mitty rolled out of the pocket knowing there wouldn’t be any open receivers. He pumped fake to make the linebackers drop deeper in coverage before he started running. He juked the first linebacker and hurdled the second. The crowd began to scream and yell as they realized Mitty had got the first down with 20 seconds remaining on the clock. But Mitty didn’t run out of bounds he was going for the win now.

The corners and safety know having knowledge that Mitty was running immediately joined the chase. He stiff armed one corner to the ground still in full stride. The crowd was going completely berserk. Mitty had one last man until he scored the winning touchdown. Mitty was on the 5 the safety on the 1 Mitty leaped off the ground reaching the ball out. “Walter you passed our house! ” “ I was going to score” Mitty whispered “what?!?!? You must remember to take your medicine you always daze off when you don’t. ”

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