Advantages of The Power of Advertisement

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In today’s business world competition is much bigger. We all live in a global world and this situation makes business areas more cruel and people more competitive. After the successful developments in technology, rules in business have been developed too. Today, people are much more closer abd they can be aware of everything in seconds. These successful developments, such as TV,PC and Internet, communication has also become easier. In this cruel business world with competitive and more informed people, competitions in business are inevitable.

These competitions make business peopleto struggle with their opponents on a legal are: Advertisement. In today’s world advertisement is a necessity. Situngkir(2006) also claims the same thing: A°f you want to let the market know that your product is better than the product distributed by your competitor, you must have the media to do it. Nowadays, a dominant and alternative way to do this is advertising. It has been a part of the life of urban and modern life and we know most products we consume to day are coming from the activiy of this business channel.

(p. 2) Situngkir(2006) continues pointing out that advertising is an essential way to introduce your product or to give information about it. (p. 3) Today, advertising is not only a necessity but also an effective power. This power is very influential and may lead the business to run. Power of advertisement has two important advantages which are keeping commerce alive and giving relevant information about a product. Advertisement is such an effective way of keeping commerce alive by increasing demand, creating trends and making people aware of alternatives.

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Firstly, power of advertisement increases demand with using two ways: convincing and encouragement. A few years ago, mobile phones were not a necessity as today. People could live without communicating immediately or holding 2000 of songs in their pockets. Ipods or Iphones may be good example for the power of advertisement. Nobody was aware of that kind of technology but professionals who were managing the advertisement strategy of Apple used incentive based advertising. They encouraged people to use their devices and they reached huge success easily.

Another important firm in business world, Calgonit, also used convincing way of advertisement. They spend huge amount of money for advertising every year but they owe their profits to the power of advertisement. If we examine the advertisements of Calgonit, we can easily understand their strategy by using ordinary women and enginemen. People can be easily affected by these advertisements. Secondly, power of advertisement can create new trends. It can even make somebody to be a brand addict. Think about Gucci sunglasses.

Advertisement managers of Gucci use a different strategy of advertising. They give celebrities their new release sunglasses for free, then this glass model becomes more famous. Most of the people wear Rihanna’s Gucci for example with the created trend. Moreover, some of the brands hire trendsetters from university campuses. These trendsetters are always a student from that school and they use the latest product of that brand to let this product to be known among teens. Thirdly, power of advertisement makes people aware of alternatives. It sets up an effective competition.

People can easily compare two similar products which have seen on advertisements. Furthermore, advertisements bring a high level of consuming power. People can buy a well advertised product even they have limited income. For example, a person living with a limited income uses expensive cell phone, laptop or LCD TV even if he or she bought these products with installments. Situngkir(2006) has also similar opinions about this situation, “The power of advertisement has even sometimes made people buy advertised product even at higher price.

There is connection between the information that people need about product and profit-oriented company and it is advertisement that bridges this connection” (p. 2). Another advantage of power of advertisement is that it shed light on people about a product’s price and features. For example, telecommunication companies in Turkey, suc as Turkcell,Vodafone and Avea, gives information about their price list. People can be well-informed with these companies’ long-run advertisement campaigns.

Consider Avea, their campaigns are full of price information and can easily let people to compare prices with other companies. On the other hand, power of advertisement gives relevant information about a product’s features. Some of the advertisements, such as chocolate,biscuit ad. s, are more likely about the desirable side of a product. Advertisers use chocolate’s glamour to make people to want and eat that product. Moreover, the power of advertisement gives information about the benefits of that product.

This product even can be a camera,pill or thermal holiday. An effective advertisement which has listed the benefits of that product can be useful and more persuasive. All in all, power of advertisement has two important advantages which are keeping commerce alive and giving relevant information about a product. It makes people well-informed and can be accepted as a necessity. Thomas Jefferson also claims advertisement as important, “the man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops clock to save time”

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