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“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn”. This is a Latin proverb that has echoed in my mind when I experience the joy of sharing my knowledge and whenever I feel the urge to search for answers to my endless questions.

Early in life I have developed a keen interest in the field of biology. My fascination to know how living things survive, reproduce, and change in time led me to ask questions, read books, perform observation, and view documentary shows about science.

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I could vividly recall spending my childhood leisure hours in the garden to observe the different species of butterflies, how a caterpillar transform into pupa and later into an adult butterfly. Then, in my high school freshman days, I performed a five week experiment to determine how plants grow. This experiment has further awakened my interest as I learn to test the quality of the soil, and the right amount of water, light and temperature to sustain the life of the plants.

My endless quest for knowledge has led me to search for answers through the use of various sources of information. Whenever I have found the answers to my nagging questions, I could not resist sharing the information to my family, friends and classmates.

The satisfaction that I have gained in imparting my knowledge is immeasurable. I enjoyed the exchange of ideas, the transfer of knowledge, and the acquisition of new knowledge. There is joy in seeing their faces light up as they understand and appreciate what I was discussing. All these experiences have confirmed my interest to be an educator in the field of biology.

I decided to major in Biology as I believe that the study of life is the most important subject in the world. The field of biology deals with the meaningful and profound knowledge of the existence of all living things. Studying life and the processes involved in sustaining it goes beyond the teaching of evolution.

For me, biology allows me to explore the world as I study nature closely and understand the diversity of life. However, it is not sufficient to gain knowledge of the subject matter. What would matter most is how students would learn through self discovery while teachers keep their goals in mind and allow room for improvement. This is an area that I need to learn as I have observed some of my classmates regard biology as a subject that often require memorization of scientific words related to classification and phylum.

By pursuing an Education degree major in Biology in Montclair State University, I would learn about educational strategies and classroom management in order to keep students engage in their task, awaken their interest about the life on earth, and link their activities to the understanding of biological concepts as they acquire scientific knowledge. In addition, I intend to be committed in an experimental research or independent project so I could contribute to the field of Biology.

As a high school student in (write the name of your school), I have acquired a 3.050 cumulative GPA. I have received the William P. Orr scholarship for Fall 2007 and was given an award for being an active member in the SSS Star Program in the Spring of 2007.

After completing my Bachelor degree in Education, I intend to teach high school junior and senior students while pursuing a graduate study. I also aim to get a doctorate degree in the same field so I can teach college students. Although I plan to study continuously while I am teaching, my passion to educate the learners will not begin and end with acquiring knowledge and earning degrees.

My passion is focused in teaching the unknown and in facilitating the students’ understanding on the benefit of learning biology as applied to their daily life. I strongly believe that with my determination to succeed together with MSU’s excellent program, diverse faculty and student body combined with the individual attention of a small college, I will become an effective teacher who is deeply committed to serve the community of learners.

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