A Day in the Life: Career Options in Library and Information Science

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Pricilla Shontz has been known for her understanding of the major issues of library developments during the current systems of referencing and research that are involved in making library procedures more organized. Her idealisms of library management has actually increased the knowledge of librarians in assisting the development of book and literature arrangements that naturally suits the needs of the students and researchers at present.

Her implicative suggestions in the matter actually increases the competency of the library systems in making an impact on the increased need of researchers today for referencing approach in libraries. The book of Shontz actually intends to show the matter of concern that is supposed to be understood at present with regards modern library systems including that of involving information technology within the arrangement of references readings in libraries.

Obviously, this reading increases the capability of the library professionals in getting along with the modern flow of technology and referencing systems. This reading then introduces the new systems of understanding with regards library arrangements and organization that would be most suitable for the modern students and researchers of the modern society.

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As noted by the author herself, she described the life of the librarians today much more different than that of the lives of the librarians before (19). Likely, she wants to show how much technology changed not only their job but also their lives as major custodians of the different mediums of references and study that would be most helpful to the current generation as they face further challenges in the said field of social life.

A librarian is naturally expected to spend at least 60 percent of her or his whole day inside the library trying to accurately arrange reading materials and other mediums for research that are to be used for further progress of the society. With the implication of the modern technology, however, the said 60 percent of a day-time of a librarian could now be divided into different tasks that they could complete for a whole day for the betterment not only of the references but of the whole library establishments as well. (Career Profiles, Internet)

The book consisted of chapters that introduced different essays from different authors who are likely able to present the principles of library professions that Shontz herself appreciate and aim to apply. The summary of the said essays particularly want to integrate the old system of library organization with the modern systems of computing. Today, the use of OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is already appreciated among libraries around the world (Career Profiles, Internet).

This particular innovative design for cataloging has naturally increased the accuracy of referencing in the libraries (Shontz, 19).  The referencing system likely increased the matters of accuracy among furthering studies in the different sections of understanding such as medicine and psychology as well as mathematical studies that increases the understanding of the different theories connected with furthering technology (Shontz, 21). Suddenly being electronic in the system has caused considerable insecurities to old librarians in the field, although practicing the said profession through following the said innovations in technology makes all the sense in the changes being adapted within the system (Shontz, 24).

Likely, the matter of development increases the capability of library professionals in handling the needs of their clients [mainly the students and the researchers as well] in a more effective matter.  As noted from the reading, the modern process of Information Technology could be utilized to increase the competencies of the librarians in handling the needs of their clients in a more efficient time.

This is primarily because of the fact that e-technology makes a more organized library that would help well in referencing and literary organizing systems. Moreover, the possible integration of the old and new systems of library handling actually gives a higher level of competency in the said system thus making the process more effective for the sake of social progress as well.

It could be observed that most people are now concerned with technological systems. In terms of library professional approach, it could be noted that the application of information technology also increases the competency of the said profession. The presentation of the author with regards this truth actually makes the matter more understandable and clear for others to comprehend with and thus make use of the information for actual application within the said profession. Overall, the discussion held by the writer of this book is considerably excellent in presenting the cons and pros of the said system of library approach.


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