A Comparative Study of Two Shampoo Brands Based on General Consumer-Related Qualities

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A blind comparison of two brand-name shampoos was performed using two selected subjects that have been pre-determined to be willing to participate in the study.  The brand-name shampoos included in this investigation were ClairolTM Herbal Essences and Tresemmé TM.

Each shampoo brand was used daily by the participant for an entire week.  Overall evaluation of each shampoo brand was performed through the completion of a questionnaire. Shampoo quality scores were determined to be higher for Clairol TM Herbal Essences than for Tresemmé TM.  In addition, the participants’ response rate to the Clairol TM was faster than TresemméTM, suggesting the Clairol TM Herbal Essences is a better shampoo brand.

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Hair quality and appearance has long been considered as a major factor in personal appearance.  In both men and women, several aspects of hair maintenance are given substantial attention, including style, color, shampoo, conditioner, treatments and accessories such as gels, spritzes and sprays.

There is a continuous increase in the number of brands of shampoos, and the consumer is generally overwhelmed and confused with which brand or even type of shampoo would be most beneficial to their personal hair care needs. Such settings warrant the comparative study of specific brands and types of shampoos for the benefit and understanding of the public consumer (Rapaport, 1981; Rigopoulous et al., 2007). This study aims to compare two shampoo brands that are commonly found in the local pharmacy or grocery, and determine which brand provides a greater hair improvement as well as better hair maintenance.

Materials and methods

Two brand-name shampoos were selected for inclusion in this comparative investigation:  Clairol TM Herbal Essences and Tresemmé TM.  Two subjects who previously gave their consent to participate in this investigation were given an unlabeled bottle of shampoo that contained either Clairol TM Herbal Essences or TresemméTM.

Such blind setting was designed to avoid bias among the participants.  The subjects were asked to complete a questionnaire (Appendix A) upon handing out the shampoo, and were also asked to use the shampoo daily for an entire week. At the end of the week, the participants were asked to complete a second questionnaire (Appendix B).  Each question had an equivalent score of 10 points and the total score of 100 points can be calculated for each brand of shampoo.


Evaluation of responses of each participant was evaluated and the total score was determined for each brand-name shampoo.  Clairol TM Herbal Essences received a higher total score than TresemméTM, suggesting that Clairol TM Herbal Essences was a better brand-name shampoo to the consumer based on the shampoo qualitites enumerated in the questionnaire.

It was also determined that ClairolTM Herbal Essences showed a faster improvement rate than TresemméTM, wherein the participants hair quality improved upon one application of the shampoo.


Hair maintenance has been an important factor in the personal hygiene of every individual (Trueb and the Swiss Trichology Study Group, 2001).  Several factors have been determined to play key roles in successful hair maintenance, including haircuts and styling, washing and conditioning, as well as hair dying and curling (Trueb, 2007).

There are currently a huge number of shampoo brands out in the market, and the consumer is generally overwhelmed and confused in terms of choice of the best brand for their personal use.  This study aimed to compare two brands of shampoos that are commonly sold at local pharmacies and groceries.

Using a blind study of brand-name shampoos and two participants, we were able to compare the qualities of Clairol TM Herbal Essences and TresemméTM, including consumer satisfaction, sudsing and hair softness. It has been shown that ClairolTM Herbal Essences remains to be a consumer’s choice, based on the total overall score shown in the evaluation of the questionnaire completed by the participants after one week of usage of the shampoo.

This study has also shows that it is possible to compare a specific brand of shampoo with another brand using a short-term exposure treatment.  However, the study also shows some limitations because the study population is very small and the treatment time was too short. This investigative tool may serve as a model for future large-scale and prolonged-treatment investigations.


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