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Top brands

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Division of the technology brand on the basis of those who have strong consumer facing brand and those who do not have as Google and other technology brands like Apple and Samsung generate a lot of attention compare to non-technology brands. For few brands which have consumer products, consumer experience plays an Important role. Google with its various application such as maps, translation. Voice services and more is one of those brands for which consumer experience plays an important role. 2.

Apple: Apple being a technology brand creates a lot of attention which goes a long way in establishing Itself as the number two brand behind Google. It attracts a lot of commentary, Like Google do, with Its desirable mainstream products as well as their more experimental efforts Like wearable. Firms Like Apple and others shape the bar for what a digital experience for any consumer to be. Collaborations and acquisitions also help Apple grow both as a brand and value. Barberry's collaboration with Apple for taking images for its catwalk with the latest 'phone. 3. MOM: The number third position Is again occupied by a technology company, MOM.

Marketing has evolved at an unprecedented rate, the consumer behavior is changing at a blink of an eye, brands are bigger than ever, competition is global, for this purpose you need platforms or software that can keep you in the game for long run, tools which can be incorporated into ever more comprehensive platforms of business software by companies such as IBM and other technology giants. As Microsoft is a very old and well established brand it occupies number four position in the ranking. Through its salient features (coming to mind spontaneously) it has a wide acceptance in terms of reliability and functionality.

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The rapid rises in brand value and the fluctuations with Apple declining and Microsoft rebounding is testimony to the fact of extraordinary rate of industry maturation and innovation happening simultaneously. Few brands with powerful tagging attract the consumer. The most successful technology brands are those that constantly push brand life cycle to the right. Brands see through the cloud and turn planning into action. 5. McDonald: With a brand value $85,706 million, McDonald occupies the fourth position in the ranking. It is also a salient brand when one thinks of fast food with quality and one which impacts human health directly.

McDonald slowed down in terms of brand value as compared to the year 2013 because of menu complications. Influence of other brands either makes the brand more innovative or competitive or makes it fall. 6. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is the only soft drinks firm in the top ten Global Brands. Salience in an important parameter for a brand to be consistently in the top brands of the world. If one thinks of fast food McDonald comes into mind and similarly when one thinks of soft drinks Coca-Cola comes to mind. As these brands impact human health any once regarding the same has an adverse effect on the brand as a whole.

High brand contribution also plays an important role and helps in staying power. 7. Visa: Certain brands might be very strong compared to their competitors but the category as a whole might not be talked about much and one such category is Visa (credit cards). Financial services are driven by third party communications, consumer facing experimental commentary is minimal. But distinct from this trend Visa and other financial services giants such as American Express had success with consumer campaigns which reiterated the rewarding promise of the cards.

We can conclude that campaigning might give surety and security to the customers. 8. AT&T: AT&T is a telecoms brand which occupies eighth position. The pressure and the competition is very tough in telecoms sector and this factor led only to a marginal increment of three percent over the previous year. Also contributing to this cut throat competition is the pricing distribution. In a category noisy with competitor claims, differentiating and services provided makes a huge difference as AT&T made similar points with its TV campaign "It's not complicated". 9. Marlboro:

With a brand value of $67,341 million Marlboro occupies the ninth position. The possible TV ads and radios in the world condemns. 10. Amazon. Com: Amazon. Com is the only retail brand among the top 10 brand of the world. It gives testimony to the service that it provides, and its foray into the Indian market with one day delivery concept that too free of cost is giving Jitters to Indian retail giants such as Flippant. Com. An online e-retailing firm wouldn't able to exist if it doesn't deliver what it promises and being in the top ten Amazon. Com gives reasons to believe its efficiency, effectiveness to the hilt.

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