7 Proven Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice for Students

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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7 Proven Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice For Students and Interns

Right now there are millions of college students sitting in a college class or a dorm room. They are not even realizing that the cost of the school they are at is going to eat away at their budget for years to come. As the student debt and tuition continue to mount, students also have a great deal of benefits that many others didn’t, and therefore these Millennials may be the world’s next biggest entrepreneurs. That’s where the following 7 pieces of entrepreneurship advice come into play.

In a world where money makes the world go round, the reason why they are ripe for jumping into these grounds is that they end up working for or interning at tech companies. Many are interested in high tech jobs, but even larger numbers want to do something on their own, and be independent. Not everyone in college today wants that 9 to 5 job after they graduate.

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These millennials have some incredible ideas, that only get bigger as they go through their college life and gain experience thru internships. There is a lot of advice out there for the Millennials, but honestly, only a few things resonate with some proving grounds.

Here are the 7 proven elements that students may want to learn right now which would help them with their entrepreneurship career.

Meet New People and Network

School is a proving ground where you can meet other people. Don’t let yourself stay in one place and not meet others. Network, talk to others, befriend people and get a mentor. You may find that the people you meet in college are going to stay with you for years, and could help you succeed down the line.

The more you can communicate and stay in touch, the better your chances are for getting success after you graduate, as the real world is full of people that “know someone”, etc.

The Opportunity Or The Degree

Take a note from big time basketball players, jump at the chances of a lifetime, don’t stay in school. This may not make your parents happy, but it’s something that you have to think about in the long term. Yes, you could fail in the big leagues, but what if you don’t?

You can use your financial status to go back to school and get that degree later. You have an option to get a degree in your lifetime, but you don’t always have a chance at the majors, in tech, or in sports. If you get a once in a lifetime opportunity, take it, don’t sit in school.

Degrees don’t mean success, they only prove to an employer that you can learn a particular subject and therefore, it helps, but you can get them when the time is right. Just remember that as entrepreneurship Advice.

Eat With Others When You Can

Building relationships is tough when you are not around people. Just like the tip above, take time to sit with others including your supervisor and talk to people.

If you see someone sitting alone, go talk to them. Ask to sit with them, and just spark a conversation. This is going to be uncomfortable at first glance, but if you keep doing this, you’ll eventually talk to more and more people and you’ll build relationships and network far easier over time just like big companies.

Don’t Fear Failure

You’re going to need to take a few risks in your life. That includes college etc. You don’t necessarily need to skip school and risk your life, but there are times when a questionable option could lead you down some great experiences.

You may find that if you push the limits a little, you may very well see a great option moving forward for your career path.

Look Around and Explore Your Area

Do not stay in one place. Travel as much as you can. If you don’t have a lot of money, that’s ok, travel around your campus, see every part of it, explore and keep going forward.

Do not let yourself be isolated and stuck in one area. Learn to walk, learn to talk, and start to explore every nook and cranny of the buildings and offices that are around you.

Your actions and attitude including nonverbal communication can have a great influence over your social environment, so be mindful.

Also, be aware of your learning style, you will find that this can help you with dating, and networking alike.

You will also find niches and hidden areas that you would otherwise not see.

Ask Many Questions

The biggest thing that entrepreneurs do that others don’t is that they ask questions. You need to ask questions all the time. Whether you’re in class, or you’re in a meeting, if there is an option to ask questions ask them. Even if you know the answer, ask. This helps in two ways.

The first is simple, you are going to be remembered. When your professor and those lecturing know your name, they are going to show you favor and will help you out more often than not.

The second thing is that you’re going to be able to get clarification and even explore new avenues that others won’t. The more questions you ask, the better you are going to do in school, and in life.

Ask questions that others don’t, and you’re going to find that you’ll get valuable answers, every single time.

Become The Most Valuable Person (MVP)

Whether you’re in an office setting, working with a team, or just trying to get through another class, become helpful. To become an entrepreneur means is to become a servant and understand how to cope with cultural challenges, for example understand British vs. US culture, if you are an international student.

As an Entrepreneurship advice, look for ways to help your teacher, students, and even your school. The more you can help, the more you are going to be thought about, and that could lead to offers that others don’t get.

Some individuals, for instance, may get called back from an internship to work full time. Others may get work study programs, or offered premium housing because they are helping with certain events, cleaning, and so much more. Your goal is to always be a valuable asset to anyone that is around you, so start in college and you’ll garner a great deal of attention down the line.

As you can see, there are 7 major things that you can do as an intern or a student. These will help you gain the upper hand in whatever it is you want to pursue, and will help you succeed in life. Just don’t be stagnant, that’s the worst thing you can end up being whether you’re a student or chasing a career.

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