A Million Little Pieces Character List

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A Million Little Pieces Characters James. The main character, miserable, self-centered, drug addict Mom.)James' mother, she’s always upset, sad, she cries a lot, Dad. Is in charge of most family affairs, happy, concerned Nurse. she wears all white, smiles a lot administers the shots Men in White the men in white take him away. Doctor Baker kind eyes, rehab doctor, helpful James’s love interest Lilly black hair and blue eyes, a drug addict. Lilly’s Dad. She Left Lilly’s family when she was four of Lilly’s Mom. Heroin addict, prostitute Lilly’s Grandmother pays for Lilly’s, cared for Lilly as a child, dies while Lilly is still in rehab Roy. James' roommate follows the rules Larry 35 southern accent, short, alcoholic Warren 50, tall, thin, well dressed John nervous and hypersexual ninja, addicted to coke.

Ken. Unit recovery counselor, nice at first but ends up being awful Hank the driver who works at the rehab, James friend, messy looking old man with white hair and blue eyes Dentist Stevens does James surgery, he doesn’t use pain killers Amy. James' sober friend Lucinda. James sober friend Courtney. James sober friend Lincoln. Unit supervisor, he hates James Joanne. Staff psychologist, secretly dating hank Ed short man, nosey, blue-collar worker Ted tall man, deep southern accent Bill the founder of AA. Michelle one of the only people who come to visit James in rehab, James’ sober friend Bald Man Alcoholic, has a wife and two kids, cries during a group meeting and gets made fun of Mickey the gangster that Leo looked up to as a child, adopted him when he was a teenager, married to Geena Geena Mickey’s wife and Leonard’s adopted mother, very sweet Eric  Roy’s friend who tells the counselors that Roy picked the fight Julie James friend who comes to see him in rehab, very forgiving Kirk James friend, who comes to visit him in rehab, Matt Featherweight Champion, addicted to crack.

Daniel. Counselor at the family rehab center Sophie. Addict, alcoholic, married to Tony, is in the same rehab as James Michael. James' friend, one of the guys who go with James to the bar for his first time when he’s out of rehab Kevin. James' friend, one of the guys who go with James to the bar for his first time when he’s out of rehab Bob James friend, one of the guys who go with James to the bar for his first time when he’s out of rehab.

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Chapter One- (112 pages)

James is a drug addict who is angry, sad, and on the verge of death. In order to stay alive, he must learn to live a sober life so his family sends him to rehab. In the rehab facility, he finds a group of patients he fits in with and gets in a fight with Roy.

Chapter Two- (113pages)

James continues to rehab and is doing well. He starts to make friends with Leonard and they help each other through rehab. James also begins to meet secretly with a girl named Lilly even though it’s against regulations. James has an older brother that starts coming to see him on visiting days.

Chapter Three- (113 pages)

James begins family counseling and is having a lot of trouble dealing with his parents. Meanwhile, Lily's grandmother gets sick so Lilly leaves the rehab facility and relapses. Despite the consequences James goes after her, he does not relapse and they return together.

Chapter Four- (69 pages)

Aside from having nightmares about using drugs, James is doing well in rehab and Lilly is recovering. James is released from rehab, shortly after Lilly’s grandmother dies and Lilly commits suicide. James is doing well and has yet to relapse.

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