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Marketing Identifying 4Ps

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The men aged 23-29 years have the need of using laptops. Tesca Company limited is there to offer this model of a computer to the men in this age. The Tesca laptops will be in different models that will be available for the target market. The company will sell Tesca Ferrari model, Tesca travel mate, and Tesca Aspire. For the Tesca Ferrari, it will have a combination of an attest 64 bit technology, sleek design and innovative working. This laptop is good for professionals and the men aged 23-29 with a bachelor achievement in their education.

They need this computer since it provides the ability to deliver ideas and images with eye catching ability. We have the Tesca travel mate which has a high performance ultra portable notebook together with other standard features such as light weight and excellent connectivity. The third model will be the Tesca aspire which will provide good features in the working environment of additional power, mobility and performance (Value based management. net, 2008).


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The product to be offered is Tesca product which the company have three models of the Tesca laptops. This product is highly competitive in the market than the other laptops since it has better performing features. It is available in different models hence giving the target market the ability of choosing the model needed. The features of the Tesca laptops will make them different hence having the best performance in the market. Tesca Ferrari laptops have features of wide elevated decision 15.

4 inch screen with an immense performance, an all purpose flash card slot, tray less double layer optical drive and 2 GB of ram. The Acer Ferrari laptop have got good features such as vision clarity, lightning speed communication, power to pull ahead, totally mobile expansion, as well as a wide coverage (Value based management. net, 2008). Tesca travel mate is a model that will provide the targeted market with a product that has power and performance.

Its standard features of light weight and excellent connectivity will enable the achievement of high performance. The Tesca aspire laptop will be sold in the market. This laptop has the capability of performing better and giving occasionally the service of a wide screen enjoyment and all that one can access form a mobile phone. This service is an important service for the men aged 23-29 years and it will help them in their entertainment needs (Value based management. net, 2008).


The pricing strategy taken by the company will target the men with high income earning, bachelor and are aged 23-29 years. Since the Tesca laptops will be provided in different models each model will have its price depending on the performance of the Tesca laptop model. Depending on the performance Tesca Ferrari is considered to out do the other models hence will be rate with the highest price. This will be followed by the Tesca travel mate and the Tesca aspire will be rated the least among the three models.

The rates will be affordable to the target market since the men aged 23-29 years, have a bachelor, and are working with a high earning income. They will be able to afford the laptops (Value based management. net, 2008). The company has provided different rates of discounts to be allowed to customers who buy a particular model of the Tesca laptops. The highest laptop in price will be allowed the largest discount and the least laptop in price will have the smallest discount. Below is a table of the list price of the models and the effective discounts.

Marketing Identifying 4Ps essay

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