3 Ways Webinars Might Be Stalling Your Business From Growth

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Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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The first thing you probably do when you wake up in the morning is to check your email. I know some people avoid their phones and email in the mornings, but most entrepreneurs check. We want to know what’s going on, and use part of that information to plan our days.

Lately, there's a common trend. There are at least a few emails about a webinar someone is putting on. The copy does what it’s supposed to do; it makes you want to sign up. In your mind, you know this person wants to sell you something, but a part of you wonders if you could take in the free training and ignore the sale.

I’m guessing you’ve attended at least a few webinars in your time. Some were probably terrible, but you did learn a thing or two on others. The main problem with webinars today is all the hype surrounding them and the fact that most will contribute to your information overload. Now, I want it to be perfectly clear that this post isn’t meant to bash webinars per say. It is written to make you think long and hard before you sign up for one because of who’s hosting it or what they’re advertising. 

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1. You already have the knowledge.

Webinar opt-in forms, Facebook ads and three video series all make webinars sound like they’re the missing piece to reaching the next step in your business -- they’re not. They can be, but only if it helps your next steps.

Most of the information that you’ll learn in a webinar is already available online. It’s probably even available on that person’s website. You already have access to the knowledge, so by taking the time to watch the webinar, what are you taking time away from?


2. Most webinars give you just enough.

There are some webinars that are simply free information; I host a few of those from time-to-time. Most have the goal of selling a program or service. They may not do it on the actual webinar, but once you get on the list, you will probably be sold to at some point. The copy is good; the info on the webinar gives you just enough information to want to pay for more. But, do you really need to spend more money?

What’s more, a lot of webinars -- especially from the bigger names -- are promoted by a lot of the same people. You’ve seen it, right? You see the same person’s webinar promoted on a lot of the email lists you are subscribed to. Remember what their goal is and ask yourself how that fits with your goals.


3. Use webinars when it makes sense for you.

There will come a time when a webinar will make sense for you. It will come down to where you are in your building efforts, whose hosting the webinar, and what your goals are from attending. Like anything, having a clear plan is how you’ll make the most progress.

Just because webinars or any other strategy worked for someone else doesn’t mean they will work for you. You have to filter all the marketing speak and see what’s right for your business and life -- right now. Chances are the information is already available on that person’s website. Consume it there and save yourself some precious time.


If this is going to be the year you break free and grow, you’re going to need to have a plan and focus. You’re going to need a strong will that allows you to bypass the thing most people will tell you that you need to do. This has to be your journey and information overload through webinars is threatening that.

Please don’t misunderstand this post. I’m not saying all webinars are bad or that you should never attend one or host your own. What I am saying is that you have to manage your time wisely and get honest about whether or not the webinar will help your next steps. If you miss it this time around, that’s okay. A lot of these webinars repeat several times throughout the year.

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