3 Important People in My Life.

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3 important people in my life. There are several people in my life that have served as a source of influence. However, there are three people who have not only impacted a decision or two, but have drastically altered my way of life. These people have completely transformed my life in a positive way. Without these people, my life would not have the same meaning and purpose. These three important individuals are my mom, my dad, and my wife. First and foremost, there is my mother. She has served her role as my mother dutifully and out of love. That would explain any mother in this world.

However, she has gone beyond that and has provided a very nurturing childhood while growing up. Growing up in India, there was a large emphasis on academic success. For some of my friends, that meant doing well and succeeding called for praise while failure was simply looked at with disgust. My mother never judged me for my successes or failures. She acknowledged my successes, but also taught me how to learn with my failures. This applied not only to school, but also to sports. Perhaps, this is why I excelled in both. I received the encouragement and proper guidance I needed.

Furthermore, my mom always had a calm attitude. She never worked with a hot temper. I learned how to be patient and how to deal with problems that came my way. Thus, my mom did not only provide me with an exemplary childhood, she role modeled and taught me positive life skills. I always refer back to a problem in terms of what my own mother would do. The second most significant person in my life is my father. Growing up, he was very present in my life even in a patriarchal society. He encouraged me to succeed and excel in everything I do.

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Not only that, but he also taught me some of the tougher life lessons. I remember that as a child, whenever I wanted something new, I had to wait it out until it was practical to replace whatever I wanted to replace. If I whined or cried, it would be completely out of the question. Thus, my dad in a way taught me how to appreciate the things in life as the way they are instead of always hoping for a change. He also taught me to be strong and patient with goals because crying and whining only leads to time wasted. It is a weakness that only sets you back instead of moving you forward.

Another aspect my dad has influenced me greatly is to look at every individual with equality. Growing up, I was raised to not judge a person based on who they were or how much money they made. My dad instilled these values into me and hoped that I carried them forward. He wanted me to understand that people may differ from the surface, but they should all be taken equally. Without my father, my social interactions and way of setting goals and achieving them would not have been the same. Finally, the final person of significance in my life is my wife of 4 years.

Right after I moved to Houston, I did not know many people and my life was very simple and bland. I would go to school, focus on my studies, interact with my family, and repeat the same routine every single day. My life was missing an important social sector. I had no one else to talk to. However, I met a girl from Houston and she was very friendly and kind. She did not judge me like others did. She did not concern herself with my style or who I was. She took me like any other person. Perhaps this mindset was what I was looking for in another person.

She not only was there when I needed her the most, but she became another reason and another motivation to keep my life moving strong. Thus, she has inspired me that there is always hope even in difficult times. However, the key is to maintain hope and a positive attitude. One of the most important things she has taught me is to always smile and life. Life is too short to carry a frown on your face and to not enjoy every single moment of it. As a result, these three people have served as great source of positive influence. Without them, my life would be incomplete.

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