Mean People vs Nice People

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2021
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In life there are many emotions that one can think of many people often think of the happier emotions before thinking about the darker side of the emotion wheel. Has one ever wanted to run away from a situation not because of their surroundings but possibly because of the mean people standing in front of them? One way to get away from this situation is to nicely thank them and leave or never show up in the first place to the situation as the people may already understanding that the mean people are like that and do not want to put themselves in that surrounding or situation.

The situation is clear that in this world there is nice people and mean people and that people may or may not be wired this way and throughout this, we will discover the true understanding of mean people and of nice people and how to better understand people from these points of view. Can you even imagine that you were only judged by nice or mean and nothing else mattered? Not your personality, not who you were, not all you did for the world or your friends, just if you were nice or mean.

Some people find it really hard to be nice or to even play nice, they would rather be themselves and be there mean selves then to even crack a smile or show any sort of friendly nature, they just struggle with it. It is like they were born with DNA that have been given mean genes and not friendly or nice genes and want not "askmen. com". There has been a new study about mean people and DNA and how it affect people, but it would not be a fair study without all the nice people in the world, the study with over 348 people.

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This study made a vivid view of what the researchers were studying and if DNA was a bad component and if it really made a true difference in this study and if DNA was at fault and if it was to blame or if there was other possiblities in life to blame.  Can mean people fit in any lifestyle, from working professional, to a college professional, to a college student? Many mean people do not even realize they are mean or just brush it off there shoulders and do not onsider themselves mean but others however consider themselves not nice and consider them mean and sometimes cruel. When this survey came along the people who were asked about being mean had realized not only they were mean but were willing to share there experiences with this product to maybe help others.

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