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Young people enjoy life more than older people

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Young people enjoy life more than older people do If we consider the life of a human as a movie of ours, then we can divide those 3 hours of time as 3 ages (1 . Illumination (Childhood & Teenage). 2. Interval (Young age) 3. Climax (Old age)). As we all know that in 1st criteria we will have Time, & Energy but not money. In young age we will have money and energy but no time.

Similarly in the IANAL stage of life we will have money and time but no energy. We can observe the unlimited desiring heart in both child and young ages in a human. Obviously most of the people can't meet their desires due to insufficient resources. In the old age the man is like a completely filled water bottle with lots of experience & achievements but totally lack of energy. And that was the time for him/ her to retire from his responsibilities.

But as they are also weak there are numerous Hansen of getting ill and stuck to bed. Enjoying life means finding satisfaction In every second we live. Coming into reality if we ask the same question to all groups of ages we never get a positive reply as everyone has their own problems running in their minds. That means people are pessimistic towards themselves and optimistic towards the rest. That's the main problem. This sort of pessimism is observed unfortunately in all age groups.

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If one changes his attitude towards his life that second will be the beginning of enjoyment. Discipline, planning and health are also the other crucial factors which keeps one's life In cloud nine Irrespective of his/her age group. Care must be taken that all the three must maintain In harmony. In my view ultimate enjoyment lies where desire meets satisfaction. One must be completely satisfied for what he was In that moment, to enjoy his life. So I completely disagree the above statement.

Young people enjoy life more than older people essay

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