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We don't know if their culture will assimilate with our work environment culture. Everyone tends to set a precedent before the new legible candidate is thought of either if they will be male or female or white, black, Hipic, Asian or Middle Eastern. Employees tend to already, after so many years of working with one another, tend to formulate certain cliques based on age, race and other characteristics even on education background and experiences.

For this position sales manager of F-fiber Optics, I want to make an unbiased decision on who I pick for the right ethical reasons and not based on any of those criteria but based on merit, experience, education and of course legality (citizenship). In reading about all of the candidates that eave applied for the sales manager position, I'd have to say that they all had impeccable short bios, but to me only two stuck out from the group. Would have to pick between Lynn the IT Manager and Karen the Sales Representative.

They both have some knowledge in Fiber Optics and its engineering and also experience in sales. I think although Lynn would be a great candidate for the job, she would have some trouble acculturating to the job because of her lack of speaking English well and trying to assimilate to our American culture. She would have to catch on fast in order to gain more of respective clients. Her short bio did not state if she was single or had a family, so should be possible candidate to be able to Stay late hours to work on certain projects and to gain clients.

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The next potential client I would lean closely toward is Karen because of her background graduating in Fiber Optic engineering. She would definitely have a lot of experience in the field and had been awarded the Sales Representative of the year award. She has valid experience in selling and captioning people to want to buy a product. I don't think she would have any issues in connecting with potential clients. The job calls for having to stay after 5 P. M.

I don't think Karen with just getting married would have that time to want to spend the extra hours at work. Lynn was a math major and minored in computer analysis and just because she wrote a paper on Fiber Optics doesn't been she is an expert on it. I would ultimately choose Karen the sales rep because she had graduated in the field and I see her possible potential to grow and learn more. She also has experience in sales. I could mold her into how want her to be and this would not only help her but would help me move up the ladder.

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