Essays on Cultural Differences

Essays on Cultural Differences

Writing an essay on cultural differences involves discussing a few significant points. You must first understand the definition of a cultural difference and how it is different from a cultural conflict. Once you have a clear understanding of this, you can begin writing your essay. To write an effective cultural differences essay, you must do extensive research on the topic before including your personal views. You should base your research should on facts and statistics, as opposed to personal opinions. With this done, all you need to do is write down your findings clearly and concisely.

If you are writing a short essay on cultural differences, you have a lot of flexibility to approach the topic. You can start by explaining what a difference is and then detail some examples that would support your thesis. In the case of a cultural differences argument essay, you need to explain how the two different cultures interact and where the conflict occurs. We write comprehensive essays on cultural differences and cultural conflicts, so you can expect to find a few good samples for guidance on our website. Our content is well researched and plagiarism-free, so feel free to use it to guide you in writing your essay. The key to writing a tremendous cultural differences essay is to have extensive research, a proper understanding of your topic, and a clear thesis statement.

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Hofstede’s five dimensions of cultural differences

What are Hofstede’s five dimensions of cultural differences that affect work attitudes? Using these dimensions describe the United States. Individualism vs. Collectivism The individuals believe they should make their own choices and be responsible for them, they are concerned about losing their social frames, in …

Cultural DifferencesDisabilityGender
Words 1878
Pages 7
Cross cultural differences in personality

Cross cultural differences in personality The aim of the work is to critically evaluate the evidence of cross cultural differences in personality and to come to the relevant conclusion, whether such differences exist and what impact they create on various sides of the personality life …

Cultural DifferencesPersonality
Words 2859
Pages 11
Impact of Business and Environment on Transnational Corporations

How do they influence? In this report I will be stating the differences of how Tesco function in South Korea compared to how they function in the United Kingdom. Tesco have to adapt to the local culture, traditions and tastes and have to recreate an …

Business EnvironmentCorporationCultural DifferencesMultinational Corporations
Words 1544
Pages 6
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Bridging Cultural Differences

WAYS ON HOW TO BRIDGE CULTURAL AND ETHNICAL DIFFERENCES. The world constitutes people with different cultural and ethnic background. Culture refers to the beliefs, ideas, artifacts that make up a shared way of life while ethnicity refers to a shared cultural heritage (Macionis, 2007 page …

Cultural DifferencesMarriageReligion
Words 1084
Pages 4
Cultural Similarities and Differences

The Indian culture has different languages, which include Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu. The officially recognized language is Hindi with other local languages not recognized by the central government. Texans officially use American English with various variations and accents. Australian languages Include Australian slang, Indigenous Australian …

ChristianityCultural DifferencesMulticulturalismReligion
Words 927
Pages 4
Main Cultural Differences Between Arab and Us Managers

Iscte – School of Management Comparative International Management Similarities and Differences between Arab and American Managers Predominant Characteristics  Leadership Style Arab Stereotype Egalitarian, emphasis on peer approval and gain personal acceptance. Consultative Ritual, display a high desired for long-term relations, affective, e. g. , appeals …

Cultural DifferencesMotivation
Words 402
Pages 2
Cultural Differences in the Perception of Geometric Illusions

Cultural Differences In Geometrical Perceptions The study chosen is called Cultural Differences in the Perception of Geometric Illusions. The research specifically focused on the psychological processes of depth perception and visual perspective. The first example is the Muller-Lyer illusion which is an optical illusion consisting …

Cultural DifferencesEpistemology
Words 439
Pages 2
Cultural Differences in Perception

The cultural influence of difference in focus and categorization In the research article, “The influence of culture: holistic versus analytic perception” provided by Richard E. Nisbett and Yuri Miyamoto, there is evidence that perceptual processes are influenced by culture. The research found that Western cultures …

Cultural DifferencesEpistemologyEvidence
Words 897
Pages 4
Poems From Different Cultures

Several of the poems from different cultures seem to be encouraging people to discover their true selves and their place in society. Love after Love, Hurricane hits England and Search for my Tongue are among those poems. These poems written by different poets encourage people …

Cultural DifferencesEnglandLovePoemPoetry
Words 1724
Pages 7
Cultural Differences Between France and Middle-East (Maghreb)

Western European culture (France) Over the past 500 years, France has been a major power with strong cultural, economic, military and political influence in Europe and in the world. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, France built the second largest empire of the time, …

CountriesCultural Differences
Words 897
Pages 4
Reflection Essay on Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences COM/360 November 12, 2012 The movie Crash (2004) is about a handful of disparate people’s lives intertwined as they deal with the tense race relations that belie life in the city of Los Angelos over a thirty-six hour period. All the players involved …

Cultural DifferencesRacism
Words 2326
Pages 9
Cross Cultural Differences – China and the USA

Cross-Cultural Issues in Tourism & Hospitality Culture, as defined by Geert Hofstede, is the “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from another”. (Hofstede, 2011) It is due to the research carried out by scholars such …

ChinaCultural Differences
Words 2559
Pages 10
Impacts of Cultural Differences

Abstract The article commences from the types of culture differences, then it explains the impacts of these culture differences on international business negotiation and finally it analyzes how to deal with the problem of the cultural differences correctly in negotiation process. Such a standpoint is …

Cultural Differences
Words 2437
Pages 9
Cultural difference between US & China

The relative differences in the American and Chinese business background may well predict how transaction costs will be evaluated. On the part of the Chinese business criterion, it seems that the contrasting attitude of their business scheme may define a larger cost in trade investments …

ChinaCultural DifferencesInvestmentPartnershipTrade
Words 649
Pages 3
Cultural Differences in the Global Business Environment

As the world gets smaller and everyone gets closer through globalization, more and more people get to know first hand about the concept of cultural differences. We are able to know what other people from other countries are like, how they live and how they …

Business EnvironmentCultural DifferencesDisabilityGlobalization
Words 96
Pages 1
New York: Demographics and Cultural Differences

State and County Quick Facts 6). Its population density is 10. 94 people per square kilometer. Although the majority of residents can speak English there is still a significant number who cannot use the language. More than eight-hundred different languages are spoken in the city …

Cultural DifferencesPoverty
Words 713
Pages 3
Cultural Differences Analysis

Human resources (HR) face several dilemmas on the international stage. Often, these dilemmas are related to cultural determinants that may deeply affect HR strategies and practices. The main aim of this study is to address the topic of cultural diversity within organisations operating in highly …

ChinaCultural DifferencesStatistics
Words 47
Pages 1
Cultural Differences in Turkey

Social studies Cultural differences between the youth in Turkey and the Netherlands. penn Cibii 012013001 Inhoudsopgave Introduction This project is made for the cultural studies class and will contain the differences between the younger people in Turkey and in the Netherlands. It’s common that people …

CollectivismCultural Differences
Words 1056
Pages 4
Cutural Awareness cultural differences

In today’s society, it is important that a person knows how to respect other people’s culture and what they need and what they like to eat since their culture may be a little different than what a certain person lived up to. If a company …

AwarenessCultural Differences
Words 105
Pages 1
Cultural Difference in Malaysia

What are cultural differences between Malaysia and other countries? In general culture can define as a way of life and process of development of the personality, spirit, mind, and the human effort in a community or cluster. Culture can be understood as the creation of …

Cultural DifferencesDanceMarriageReligion
Words 1445
Pages 6
Organizations And Its Cultural Differences

The procedure of specifying organisational civilization goes by the fact that the definition in itself is obscure. Harmonizing to Schein, “culture is what a group learns over a period of clip as that group solves its jobs of endurance in an external environment and its …

Cultural DifferencesMotivation
Words 1050
Pages 4
Differences in Cultural Conceptions of Intelligence

There are many definitions of intelligence according to both formal and informal theories. Under formal theories, intelligence is associated to adaptation to the environment and the capability to learn. According to experts, there is an intelligence factor, referred to as g, which dictates all adaptive …

Cultural Differences
Words 77
Pages 1
Uae ; Cultural Differences

Introduction In the current business environment, in times of globalization, financial crisis and terror, there is a growing consciousness about difficulties that can occur when different cultures collide. These difficulties especially need to be regarded when wanting to expand a business internationally or wanting to …

Cultural DifferencesDubaiReligion
Words 4057
Pages 15
Different Cultures

Different countries of the world have different cultures. In light of this, there may be discrepancies in the way we interpret our interaction with the person from another culture. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand or accept another culture which is different from one’s …

Cultural Differences
Words 81
Pages 1
Cultural Differences

Every country has contributed in shaping the profound history of the world. However, there are notable countries that greatly impacted societies today. Among many nations in the world, two countries have a rich cultural background: United States of America and Egypt. Although both countries differ …

Cultural DifferencesEgyptIslamReligion
Words 1236
Pages 5
Cultural Differences in Emotion

Collectivist countries Japan, china retreat emotions innate to relationship between the groups , Individualistic countries think emotions are not directed to them. Common emotions : anger, fear,sadness,happiness, disgust, surprise. Happiness Is confused with surprise. Love is difficult to convey In facial expression. Positive emotions (Joy …

AngerCreativityCultural DifferencesPersonality
Words 794
Pages 3
Encounters with people of different cultures

Encounters with people of different cultures in their own countries or communities Coping with the customs of host countries or communities, e. g. rules and courtesies that local people observe and may expect me to observe. Encountering the different customs of people from other cultures, …

Cultural DifferencesExperienceSpain
Words 1047
Pages 4
Difference and Similarity in Culture

Do you like your own culture? People often say “culture is a symbol of our country. ” I agree with this opinion, for I think culture helps the people learning about foreign country to understand what the country is. Then, how has our own culture …

Cultural DifferencesSamurai
Words 522
Pages 2
Era of globalization cultural differences

IntroductionIn this epoch of globalisation in concern environment, companies are spread outing their concern all over the universe, i.e. in different states and each of them with different civilizations. One country in peculiar of turning importance is intercultural direction accomplishments. Culture in international concern presents …

CivilizationCultural DifferencesGenderGlobalization
Words 3286
Pages 12
Differences in Cultural Perspective

Almost every individual tend to be fascinated with beliefs or things that are different from what he or she normally sees in his or her every day life. These variations usually arises the interests of the person in knowing and understanding the things that are …

ARTCommunityCultural DifferencesPerspective
Words 91
Pages 1
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Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural evolution. The term cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other's differences.


What is 'cultural awareness'? Cultural awareness, or cultural sensitivity, is being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist, while not judging people based on that. A non-judgemental mindset lets you observe cultural differences without labelling them as 'good' or 'bad', or 'right or wrong'.

Culturally diverse children's books

  • Last Stop on Market Street
  • Julián Is a Mermaid
  • Name Jar
  • Colors of Us
  • Same, Same But Different

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a cultural difference essay?
When writing a cultural difference essay, it is important to first understand what culture is. Culture is the shared values, norms, and beliefs of a group of people. It is the way a group of people interact with each other and the world around them. It is the way a group of people see the world and their place in it.Culture is important because it shapes our identities and how we see the world. It influences our values and beliefs, and how we interact with others. It is also a source of pride and community for many people.When writing about cultural differences, it is important to be respectful and open-minded. Avoid making assumptions or judgments about other cultures. Instead, focus on understanding and describing the differences.Some tips for writing a cultural difference essay:- Do your research. Learn about the cultures you are writing about. This will help you avoid making any inaccurate or offensive statements.- Be respectful. Remember that everyone has different experiences and perspectives. Avoid making any value judgments about other cultures.- Be specific. When describing differences, be as specific as possible. This will help readers understand the differences more clearly.- Use examples. When possible, use examples to illustrate the differences you are describing.- Avoid generalizations. Avoid making sweeping statements about entire cultures. Instead, focus on specific differences.- Keep an open mind. Be willing to learn about other cultures and to have your own views challenged.
What are cultural differences?
Cultural differences are any differences in the way people think, feel, or behave that are due to their cultural background. This can include things like language, values, traditions, and beliefs. Cultural differences can also include things like how people dress, what kind of food they eat, and how they celebrate holidays.
Why cultural differences are important?
Cultural differences are important for a number of reasons. For one, they can help to create a more diverse and inclusive society. By understanding and respecting the differences between cultures, we can learn from one another and become more tolerant and understanding of others. Additionally, cultural differences can also be a source of strength and richness in our society, providing us with different perspectives and experiences to draw from.In a globalized world, it is also increasingly important to be aware of and sensitive to cultural differences. As we interact with people from other cultures, whether in person or online, it is important to be respectful of their customs and beliefs. Failing to do so can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.Overall, cultural differences are an important part of what makes our world interesting and vibrant. By understanding and respecting these differences, we can create a more harmonious and inclusive society.
How can you explain and deal with cultural differences?
One way to deal with cultural differences is to learn about other cultures. This can be done by reading books, watching movies, or talking to people from other cultures. Another way to deal with cultural differences is to be respectful of other cultures. This means being open-minded and accepting of other cultures.

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