Cultural Diversity in Mauritius: Myth or Reality? Essay

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Many people tend to swab the “Mauritian civilization. ” as a homogeneous 1. Some deny the cultural diverseness in the island germinating harmoniously. In this respect. integrity and diverseness are interchangeable words. Constituting of cultural groups and universe faiths like Christianity. Buddhism. Islam. co-existing with Hinduism and myriad spoken linguistic communications. the island’s people avow and pattern different religions which are reflected in our imposts. rites. norms. and festivals. Despite the contrasting manner of life. the citizens remain basically united. As Mauritians. we love to state that Mauritius is a flashing theoretical account of integrity in diverseness. But so. we tend to make a batch of things which can merely sabotage the integrity of this state.

Unfortunately. diverseness is used by many timeserving politicians for riotous intents. After 45 old ages of independency. ethnicity remains the stratifying factor. Multicultural policies through support spiritual groups are considered as authorising minority communities to voice out. In world such policies have empowered non persons but their “leaders” who owe their position and influence chiefly to their association with the authorities which benefits in its bend by pull stringsing the population and projecting their conventional image to the public through such platforms. At the 473rd day of remembrance of Maharana Pratab Singh and the creative activity of the Indian province of Rajasthan on Sunday 19th May 2013 at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre. Phoenix the Prime Minister asserted that “Diversity should non be dissentious. We are from different parts of India. but we are in the same boat. We should non do any difference between us. ” as reported by the newspaper Le Defi Quotidien.

As a redress. several solicit a secular state- a clear separation between faith and the province. which candidly. is non truly the instance in Mauritius who has lived an puzzling development of its political history since the dictum of the United Nations. on the instance furnished by ‘Resistans ek Alternativ’ militating against the exigency for a campaigner of general elections to advert his cultural belonging. Recently in the spotlight. the Best Loser System was designed to supply “balanced” cultural and political representation. Boasting about being “one state. one people. ” what is it about this “balanced” cultural and political representation? Across several decennaries since independency. haven’t we evolved and gained plenty adulthood to catabolize our ‘minority or ‘majority’ composite? If this does non demo the eroding of that sense of togetherness in a culturally diverse society. so we wonder what it means. Would a secular province mean that there will no longer be public vacations based on spiritual festivals. something that exist nowhere else in the universe? Would we eventually live in a booming democracy?

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Mindset. The Mauritanian mind is accustomed to doubt the unfamiliar and see “external” societal groups as a threat. This demeanor is a existent menace to national integrating. peace. advancement and development. This outlook is derived from fright. intuition and misgiving in the state. To the newest coevalss. the 1999 public violence in relation to Kaya’s decease could be the ground that took a calamity to bring out the truth of bing communal tenseness. Feigning that all is good in the society means making really small to instil societal coherence. How can we anticipate a progressive alteration when the communal outlook is being perpetuated across coevalss? Official reform is one thing but altering the mentality of 1. 3 million of people implies snoging impossibleness. Nevertheless. many are optimistic and seek to maneuver the following coevals through illustration and instruction.

Despite all. for some. Mauritius has a fantastic timeline of peaceable cohabitation. We need non travel back at the clip of independency where we stood together as a one state to steal a glimpse of that. April 2013 marked the flash inundations which affected Mauritius doing large-scale catastrophes. The Mauritanian solidarity and integrity that we were to witness in supplying the immense assistance to the victims in demand were so applaudable. turn outing that we may hold different faiths and skin skin colors. but we all belong to one homo race. Alfred Adler said “There is a Law that adult male should love his neighbor as himself. In a few hundred old ages it should be as natural to mankind as external respiration or the unsloped pace ; but if he does non larn it he must die. ” Thus it seems imperative that all Mauritians should bury their junior-grade differences and work jointly. We must make the foundation of a new Mauritius. We can non be satisfied with the partially biased thought of a harmonious society. supercharging us to believe in a stable state. Common has it become in this interest-minded universe to veil sinister purposes behind this mask. Integrity in diverseness is non a motto. It is a manner of life.

But will the extroverted coevals follow this manner of life?

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