Cultural Diversity within Organizations

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Addressing Cultural Diversity within Organizations

Teg does non hold a diverseness direction plan or policy in topographic point. Cultural diverseness within organisations has been known to heighten productiveness and good inter-relationship between the employees. Examples of cultural diverseness are multicultural dialogue, communicating, direction every bit good as in other concern patterns such as enlisting. This sort of diverseness has gained significance in the current planetary economic system. However the cultural differences constructs and their effects on making concern and communication are complex and have several viing footings in usage. This paper seeks to set up the footings for cultural differences every bit good as analyze their impacts on an industry such as Target Engineering Group ( TEG ) . The paper besides seeks to set up the cultural diverseness plans that can be developed at TEG.
The footings inter-cultural and multi-cultural are chiefly used when mentioning to the integrating of different civilizations from different states. In every bit much as this may be true, cultural diverseness besides embraces several local facets such as the ratio of adult females to work forces in a workplace. In Helen Sharp 's ( 1995 ) work “Challenging Students to React to Multicultural Issues” , there are two instances that query the possibility of an American working in a foreign land. Besides, the footings in cultural diverseness are non merely synonymous to international integrating, but besides to gender, race, generational or socio-cultural issues. Understanding the significance of diverseness is the initial measure towards turn toing the issues related to diverseness.

The universe in which we live demonstrates a perfect illustration of diverseness. There is a diverse universe of the Moon, Sun, stars, planes and other organic structures with each holding its ain bound way every bit good as its intent fro being. Since the people who live in this universe are of diverse gender, race, cultural and geographical entities the industries and companies such as TEG must absorb and acculturate these constructs. The employees in a company are diverse in category, gender, faith every bit good as diverse states and backgrounds. For successful operation of TEG, it must follow civilization variegation to suit each of the above listed diversenesss.

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Cultural diverseness may be defined as the assortment of civilizations or human societies in a peculiar part - in our instance the TEG. Cultural diverseness besides refers to the cultural differences that exist between persons such as linguistic communication, frock and traditions, art and interests, moral and spiritual every bit good as the disparities in the manner societies organize themselves. Cultural diverseness is nevertheless hard to quantify but on the other manus it is easy identifiable. There are certain facets of cultural diverseness that deficiency at TEG on top of the deficiency of a diverseness direction plan. TEG does non hold a diverse group of the black employees every bit good as adult females on their staff. This is evidenced by the low per centum of black employees in this company. TEG has besides non taken the advantages that come with the acceptance of cultural diverseness despite being really successful in supplying professional technology services in the tri-county parts of West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade. Besides the Human Resource at TEG does non concentrate its attempts on seeking the services of the minorities particularly when advertisement for a occupation place. The occupation advertizements are placed on the web sites or the newspaper ( Keyton, 2005 ) .

The companies that have developed cultural diverseness are making really good despite being in the same concern as TEG. The PBS & A ; J is one of those companies that extremely values diverseness. Another illustration of a company that upholds diverseness is the Associated Engineering. This company has a enlisting scheme in topographic point that embraces diverseness by the periodic enlisting thrusts. These thrusts are geared towards capturing the services of immigrants from foreign part such as South Africa, Asia or Australia. In order to turn to these cultural lacks at TEG, the intercessions made must clearly place the demand, prosecute clear aims, make full a legal nothingness, every bit good as supply the appropriate accomplishable solutions by puting assorted norms and criterions. It is hence prerequisite to guarantee that each of the above demands is met for our instance in point-TEG.

There are several facets that have led to the cultural diverseness lack at TEG. One of these facets is the deficiency off comprehensive vision on the effects of globalisation on cultural diverseness. In every bit much as TEG may be successful in the proviso of technology consultancy services, the company does non continue the diverseness of cultural look with respect to the mounting globalisation of the economic system. The attack taken by TEG does non encompass cultural diverseness and may be termed as disconnected. This relates to human rights, linguistic communication rights, heritage protection, international cultural cooperation, cultural policies, cultural pluralism every bit good as rational belongings rights. TEG requires understanding on all these demands as it strives to make diverseness within the staff ranks. The company should concentrate on enrolling the minority groups more so the immigrants. These persons have diverse cognition that would be used to the advantage of TEG. The article by Replicon Inc. merely wholly supports this position in “Employers Embrace Diversity: Immigrants go basis of company growth” . Due to the deficit of engineers and technology professionals TEG is bound to concentrate on the foreign chances for enrolling staff. The system has been adopted by Associated Engineering and it is really working to their advantage ( Hellriegel and Slocum, 2009 ) .

Another challenge that could be confronting TEG and could besides be a possible cause of the cultural diverseness lacks realized is the trouble in turn toing the civilization issue caput on. The company seems to be more focussed on the commercial facet as opposed to the cultural diverseness facet. In order to accomplish a reconciliation between the commercial and cultural facets there is demand to openly show the cultural positions. Teg might be enduring from fright of the liberalisation of trade in the universe being hampered by developing cultural diverseness saving policies. However, cultural diverseness look will be critical in the capableness of the company following the alterations that come with globalisation. Therefore the company should subject the commercial issues to civilization jussive moods and therefore prevent commercial facet from ruling the concern. It is merely by cultural diverseness that the company can be able to recognize the commercial facets efficaciously.

Teg can be able to advance cultural diverseness guided by the rules discussed below. The company must acknowledge the being of cultural diverseness as an of import tool for accomplishing the commercial aims of the company. Therefore, the company should confirm and acknowledge cultural diverseness at the local, regional and international degrees every bit good as reflecting on the policies brought by this diverseness towards recognizing the ends of the company. The company must besides advance participatory democracy. This means the publicity of heritage representation while including the active input of all the stakeholders. This would be achieved by the usage of dialogue, audience every bit good as engagement. Heritage representation particularly of the employees will actuate them to unwrap their diverse civilizations towards doing the company more successful.

TEG must besides concentrate on coordination and cooperation. This means that the company should portion undertakings and promote cultural exchanges in a position of cooperation and coordination. This will guarantee that the company is maximising resources and the available expertness both at a planetary and regional degree. For TEG to accomplish cultural diverseness it must ship on community edifice and peace devising. TEG is bound to acknowledge and appreciate the sense of individuality and topographic point of the diverse persons it may enroll. By appreciating their diverse heritages and furthering a shared position, the spirit of rapprochement and assurance on the multi-cultural employees is built. This will climax in effectual occupation productions and broadening of the concern.

Cultural diverseness is besides realized through capacity edifice. The company should be directed to transform and alter as per the multicultural societies that exist about. Finally the company should guarantee the resourcefulness of the diverse cultures it may hold in the signifier of staff. This will guarantee that the company can maximise on the variegation of the resources available to turn to the concerns of cultural economic sciences every bit good as cultural equity. The civilization of an organisation guides the members on how “work” of the organisation should be conducted. The civilization besides entails the grounds foe being and the aims of the company. Finally cultures in organisation order how persons should associate to each other at the workplace every bit good as to those outside the topographic point of work.

As Cox ( 1991 ) illustrates, bias is the look of negative personal attitudes towards persons affiliated to a peculiar cultural group. Discrimination on the other manus involves the discernible inauspicious behaviour directed to members of a peculiar cultural group. Therefore, TEG must guarantee that it protects its resource of diverse cultured employees from these actions. This will take to peaceable and confident working countries. There are several dimensions to cultural diverseness non needfully established at TEG. These are: ethnicity, age, household position, income, Gender, military experience, educational background, sexual orientation, race, Work experience every bit good as societal category. All these dimensions must be considered in the event that TEG might desire to incorporate cultural diverseness by using staff from different civilizations. This is because of the fact that a heterogenous group of persons can merely work together and efficaciously through cooperation and consensus.

The company must besides non bury about enrolling the local persons who are qualified for the occupation. This will guarantee the care of civilization within the part where the company operates. Two persons do non needfully have the same sentiment by virtuousness of being in the same cultural group. Therefore in every bit much as variegation should be encouraged integrating with more of the local cultural groups will besides turn out successful. In order to deduce maximal end product from the rich cultural backgrounds, TEG must set up degree playing Fieldss for the different cultural groups. Two qualified persons form the Black community and the White community should hold similar wage bundles as per their makings and occupation experiences. Besides the adult females employed in the company holding similar makings as the work forces should besides be given equal wage bundles. This will advance civilization equality that will heighten occupation production since no cultural group will experience inferior to the other.

In any company, the first stage of deducing maximal benefits from diverseness is the development of a conjunct attempt towards what signifiers of cultural diverseness issues within an organisation. The recognition of the being of assorted persons and groups of persons with different cultural backgrounds is an of import measure in this initial stage. The assorted cultural dimensions that exist in PBS & A ; J every bit good as Associated Engineering will be discussed in order to turn to the cultural diverseness issue amicably. PBS & A ; J Corporation has been in the front line in encompassing cultural diverseness within its environments. The inclusion of a web page known as diverseness in their web site will decidedly work good for the advantage of the company. The web page consists of information on diverseness preparation, diverseness consciousness, and affinity groups every bit good as the CDAC-supported professional organisations web pages. This has enabled the company to offer best solutions to their patronages and at the same clip increasing their productiveness. The company besides offers diversity developing plan that include a one-day workshop.

It is a known fact that the acceptance of cultural diverseness has its ain portion of disadvantages. There will be struggles, nerve-racking state of affairss and sick feelings originating from the acceptance of sub-cultures in these companies. Therefore it is necessary for all the persons to pass on about their cultural differences. However, it is hard to discourse cultural differences without fall backing to stereotypes. In ideal nature, stereotypes do non be. This is because no person is absolutely similar to another and no member of a cultural group can be a ringer of another. Besides, as cultural diverseness develops, the challenge of communicating besides arises. This leads to the necessity for greater attempts that will harbour improved and effectual communicating accomplishments. Therefore, PBS & A ; J Corporation should follow effectual communicating schemes to be use by their multi-cultural employees. This will guarantee that there are no cultural struggles or favoritisms on the footing of civilization.

Discussion and consciousness nowadayss a clearer image of cultural diverseness, understanding and appreciating cultural diverseness does non needfully bespeak digesting differences amongst the individuals in a group but it besides involves fostering and back uping them. By back uping and fostering diverseness within the cultural groups, the company will heighten its other aims through sharing of information, thoughts, issues every bit good as civilizations. It has been established that fostering diverseness creates chances for development of character through learning regard and tolerance for persons and advancing the concern for equity. For the company in inquiry to perpetuate and boom, it must back up a culturally-diverse squad that values and esteem all persons from different backgrounds. The acceptance of the position quo of cultural diverseness may confront some challenges but it does non function as alibi for avoiding passage ( Nestor, 1991 ) .

The traditional thaw theory has two positions on immigrants who have settled in America. The scheme of immigrant has been adopted by Associated Engineering Corporation and it is working good. There is a high possibility that the immigrants will reside the characters and ways of their old states and intermingle absolutely with the new environment. However there are two false beliefs that are presented by this theory. The first one assumes that the colored Americans will endeavor to be like the white Americans. The 2nd 1 is that the colored people will non happen any importance in following the civilization of the new universe. Those false beliefs nevertheless have been marred by rejection and a batch of contentions. This is because of the impairment of the individual monoculture in today 's universe. Many organisations are following a pluralistic work force that continues to germinate through cultural influence and integrating. The Associated Engineering Corporation should guarantee that the immigrants hired from different civilizations blend good with the dominant Whites civilization in the company.

Another facet that was seen as a cultural diverseness lack in TEG is the issue of gender penchant. The company has adult females employees as compared to the work forces population. Therefore, TEG should increase the qualified female employees in their staff. There are other factors that impact the bounds to which diverse civilizations integrate with the bing 1s. The ground for in-migration of the recruited employees influences a batch. The vicinity or background of the immigrants must besides be established. Some immigrants come from cultural or non-ethnic vicinity that might act upon the attitudes of these persons towards cultural diverseness. The socioeconomic position, instruction and the upward growing of these persons should be evaluated so as to set up how good they adapt to the different civilizations they may confront. TEG 's mission is built to react to the client 's demands by supplying quality services through better direction of the personal resources. Therefore, to guarantee that this mission is realized, the company should ship on publicity of diverse civilizations.


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