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World Without Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are known to have been on Earth for more than a hundred years and in that long period of covering with different species they cease to be recognized as pests and disease spreading organisms that kills nearly one million people each year. This disadvantage to our community has led to the consideration of wiping them off the surface of the Earth. Primarily, this Idea would be beneficial to humans since not only the nuisance but also the spread of a number of pathogenic diseases would stop.

However, while the study attempts to accentuate the benefit of eradicating hem it fails to elaborate its main problem and that is on how to actually get rid of the organism. This has become the study prior limiting factor for the reason that existing methods for killing mosquitoes have not yet been fully developed by scientists. All the more now since this organism manages to still exist and become resistant to the less toxic materials being used on them. Unfortunately the supposedly more effective yet at the same time more toxic chemical would be dangerous to man's health which should not be taken lightly by all means. The Idea of eradicating mosquitoes becomes concerned with the concept of sustainability with regard to Its economic and social sector. This involves the economy since funding Is given to health organizations most especially to countries with high malaria burden.

While In the concept of social, since the welfare of the human beings is primary given importance the obvious benefit is that more lives will be saved and will no longer be infected by the diseases. However, the downside to this issue is that it would add to the increase in human population. Admittedly, the death and infection of humans for many years may be tragic but in the obvious sense t is nature's way of regulating its population. The research paper wants to point out that eradicating mosquitoes would not have serious consequences for ecosystems.

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World Without Mosquitoes

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Some scientists think that the removal of the organism would "heal quickly' as the niche would be filled with other species. A raised concern could be that if the study has stated that only a few hundred species bother or bite humans, the Idea of totally eradicating the organism Is put Into question. Different studies have already proven that some species are useful as well as beneficial to other organisms. Despite all that, it is still becomes evident that unmans do not benefit from the mosquitoes.

The benefit being presented is somewhat overshadowed by giving importance to "human comfort" based on what becomes the prevailing theme of the study. It was observed that the assumptions made in the study had similar notions. It all had the point of directly stating that the loss of the mosquitoes would be somewhat insignificant and they have not been much of a benefit to humans at all. However it is a good thing the study had shown objectivity by also presenting studies that come to show the organism's benefit to other organisms as well.

The deferent ideas that have been Injected are supported by evidence. However, It Is good to take note of the study degree of uncertainty. It was also observed that some conclusions were not yet backed up by other studies and most of these were Just concluded through other people's research. And although there is that sense of objectivity, there is the would not be needed in this world. An improvement to this study could have been showing more certainty through different supporting evidences and that being more objective to the issue could have made readers think more critically.

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