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World Without Electricity

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What would the world be like without electrity? As we are creates of habit, we heavily depend on electricty to function. The majority of items that are used on a daily basis depend on electricity to function. Modern socirety adapted to electricity more than ever. There is no specific date as to when electricity was discovered. In June 1752 Benjamin Franklin proved that lightening is electricity. In 1791 Galvani publisged his doscoverey of Bio electricity. In 1800 Volta invented the Galvanic cell, in which this day in age we call it the battery. Without these advances we woukd be living in a society without any sort of electrity.

In July 2012 more than 700 million people in India had been left without power in the world's worst blackout of recent times. This lead to fears that protests and riots could follow after the lost of electricity. Traffic lights went out, causing serve jams. Surgical operations were cancelled across the entire country. The nurses at some hospitals were operating life saving equipment manually as the back up generrators failed. Air conditioners, flat screen tvs, and other gizmos and gadgets became just unusable items. If electricity was gone indefinietly in the united states, our country would become chaotic for a few years.

Americans would eventually be able to adapt to such circumstances. Our economy would suffer horribly without the sotck exchange. modern medicine would be flushed down the drained, technological advances would be no good. many people would not be able to have life saving surgies performed- hence a terrible mortailty rate. life expectancy would drop. life would become seriously uncomfortable. Everyone would have to get acustomed to life as in as in the olden days. A lot of hard and manual labor, everything must be done in the hours of daylight. Wood would be burnt to keep warm in the winter.

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Cars would not run because electricity is needed to pump gas. Electric hybird cars would become invaluable. Crime would rise. Candles would be used to see in the dark. The Amish folk live without electricty and they do just fine. If a crisis such as no electricty were to were happened we would just have to mimick the their lifestyle and the lifestyle of those before us. Back to farming, Candles as lighting, Back to reading and educating ourselfs with literature. No moderen technology to distract people from daily tasks. families would bond, Everyone would be equal.

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