World Pollulation Concerning Problem

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Living in Arkansas, " the natural state" we don"t really think of our world as overpopulated, but instead often wish there was more going on. We need to be thankful though. Did you know that if your standing on a street in India and you look into a home and notice that a kitchen fire looks brighter than normal it"s probably not because of too much greese, but instead due to a burning child? Your probably thinking that sounds bizarre and how does this tie into overpopulation. Well as crude and barbaric as burning or cremating children in a kitchen may sound it happens all too often in the overpopulated country of India. If you are a hardheaded optimist you might be saying to yourself well that"s in India where they"re crazy, but you would have to be pretty crazy to argue that overpopulation in the U.S. isn"t a problem.

Considering the overcrowded classrooms, used up soil and agricultural resources, lack of energy and the damage done to the air and wildlife that we are surrounded by.

So what I"m getting at is that from the Phillapenes to New York to Africa our world is being used for all it"s worth.

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Not only will I speak about the problems with overpopulation far and wide throughout the world but also I would like to emphasize the time issue in correlation with the growth of the birth rate and death rate.

Now I know that graphs are about as exciting as chapel, but this graph really simplifies the explanation of the "Malthusian Theory" which is simply a theory that was developed by Thomas Malthus in 1798 arguing that populations grow geometrically which just means that MORE PEOPLE PRODUCE MORE PEOPLE.

(Explain graph.) World War 2 death rate did not effect the population climb.

In result of this steadily rising population rate, India"s population exceeded 1 billion this past May. According Christian Century, India"s one billionth baby was lucky if it was a boy, because girl"s survival rates are much lower. Girls in India are commonly victims of feticide, infantcide or later, forced suicide. On the other hand sons in India can generate prosperity in a family; that is if they aren"t among the 110 out of 1000 that don"t live to see their first birthday. A lot of infants have fatal encounters with diarrhea, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, and malnutrition. This most likely has something to do with the fact that in villages over

800 million people don"t have access to safe drinking water. In China and Africa similar problems can be found due to overpopulation.

There"s has been an out break of AIDS in China, because farmers" have run out of fertile soil and have began giving blood to blood dealers in exchange for money. The blood dealers are evidently not the most sanitary practicioners after reading in Washington Post that they use the same infected needle on as many farmers as possible. In Africa we all know of the famines that have devastated the country. Again we have to turn to the lack of resources for an overpopulated country where there isn"t enough food , doctors or educational oppurtunities for the society. When you take all of those factors and put them together you"ll also likely find political instability in a country. As O. Henry fittingly stated, "there are not many troubles in the world more alarming than those caused by the fire in the pit of an empty stomach."

The direct effect that overpopulation has on our agricultural development isn"t neccessarily felt by us, but of course we are effected.

With a concern that we will be left providing food for the rest of the world when overpopulated countries like China run out of food is sort of scary. Despite new technology that has been developed to renourish soil after it"s been used there are side effects on our earth. The Green House effect may be one that you"ve heard of. These green revolution technologies can bring along pollution of natural waters, soil contamination and overall degradation, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

And no this isn"t a Indian, African, or Chinese problem, this pollution is occuring all over the US on many farms where the technology is rooted. Other than agricultural problems the US is also battling a energy crisis that only seems to be getting worse. Just last week the EIA announced that gas prices are at a new record high in America, climbing to $1.53 cents on average up nearly 40% from just last year. And if you"ve been watching the news at all for the past couple of months your!

aware of the energy crisis in California and Oregon that has been causing blackouts for millions. Reprecussions of the same old case where there isn"t enough resources for so many people. The worst part about it is that the situation only seems to be getting worse unless scientist figure out how to create fossil fuels at the same rate that humans give birth.

Our regional wildlife are suffering also due to overpopulation. According to a survey done by the U.S. Geological Survey suggest that rapid human population growth of the areas surrounding the Lake Pontchartrain Basin has put the habitat in serious danger. By the way I live only about three hours north of the basin, but internationally our wildlife has suffered without a doubt also.

Now I"d like to mention, for a final grim reminder, the numerous degrading factors that overpopulation has on our earth, but as I name these factors I want you to listen to each factor and ask yourself if you have a problem with any of these situations.

Famine, political instability, agricultural set backs, pollution, inhumane treatment to children, overcrowded streets and schools, and damage to wildlife.

If you had a problem with any of those factors I named then you might as well go to the foundation that those problems stand on, .... the problem of overpopulation.

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