Workplace discrimination

Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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Workplace discrimination has always been a main issue in the corporate world of today. Though several laws have been devised in order to prevent incidences of discrimination, the business world of United States of American still faces a tough time battling this issue.

As the following statistics per 2004 stated below elucidate, “The EEOC website indicates that in fiscal year 2004, it received approximately 27,696 charges of race discrimination and resolved 29,631 race charges in FY 2004, recovering $61.1 Million in monetary benefits for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals. The EEOC has observed an increasing number of color discrimination charges, which have increased by 125% since the mid-1990s - from 413 in FY 1994 to 932 in FY 2004” (About. com, 2007). Therefore, it is normal for my coworker to show any preference or bias based on what he wants but I believe this to be unfair as equal opportunities should be offered to everyone irrespective of any kind of discrimination.

Based on what I see, the candidate I have chosen is from a non-biased perspective and I believe she is going to be an asset to our company. However, my coworker does not list the reason as to why he does not find my candidate as a perfect candidate for the job. I believe she is qualified, experienced and above all, possesses all the qualities that we were looking for in the future candidate and will be an asset to our firm. There may be a few reasons as to why my coworker is hesitating to hire her for our firm. The first reason that I see is the fact that she is Hipic.

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Racial discrimination against Hipic women as well as people from this race have been criticized and offered low positions since ages now. The preference has always been given to the “white community” and people of their origins. A “white” person can be considered as “hired” based on the color and origin itself. They are considered to be from a higher social status and therefore, my coworker being of the same origin is likely to show more preference towards people of his own category rather than hiring “immigrants” of any kind, irrespective of whatever qualities they may possess.

The Hipic people still face discrimination at work as well as in receiving education. As based on the survey conducted, “Eighty-two percent of Hipics responding to the survey said that discrimination is a problem that keeps them from succeeding in general, while 78 percent see bias as a problem in the workplace and 75 percent see it as a roadblock in the schools. The language they speak was the most frequently cited reason for this discrimination, followed by physical appearance. ” (Bates, 2003). The second reason that I see is the gender discrimination.

Women has always been viewed as inferior to men and due to the “male-dominated” world in the corporate culture, it is very likely that women who is extremely qualified to be neglected, ignored and are not offered higher positions only because she is a female and that due to the nature of her gender, she might take too many leaves such as when her children are not well or maternity leave (as well as compensation for it). Women have been known to occupy very few higher positions in the corporate world due to several reasons like these (Issacs, 2005).

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