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Discrimination in The Workplace

For years people have been treated differently based upon their class, race, and gender. This has cause discrimination to take place and destroy people lives mentally in the work environment. Discrimination is unequal treatment of any group of people.

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This could apply to race, ethnic group, gender, and age (Discrimination, 2011). It has impact one’s social class in the workplace, keeping certain races from establishing deceased paying jobs, and only providing genders with limited job positions.

In this paper the writer will be discussing the act of discrimination in the workplace. Social Class The social class was defined by the political power and social status of one’s heritage. Which there are three types of class structures lower, middle, and upper (The Social Organization of Work, pg. 76). The lower class has no job security due to not having any funds saved or assets (The Social Organization of Work, pg. 76).

Lower-classman is bound to work at poorly paid jobs such as McDonalds and Burger King. Jobs like these offer no benefits for example health care and pay tuition. If these individuals are laid off or injured the welfare of their families could be in danger (The Social Organization of Work, pg 76). The lower class has a small percentage of offering their children an advantage to a secure job. The lower class is less likely to vote due to the lack of power they posses (The Social Organization of, pg 76).