Disability Discrimination Law

In the recent news about Disability Discrimination Law, a particular employee named Kevin Tobin achieved justice after almost a decade of his case (Mulvany, n. p. ). Tobin was employed at Liberty Mutual and had been good in carrying out his tasks (Mulvany, n. p. ). However, he was suffering from bipolar disorder. On Tonbin’s part, he exerted effort to compensate his lost hours of work. But then, his employer still perceived him as high maintenance (Mulvany, n. p. ). Eventually, he was fired. Just recently, the CA affirmed the reinstatement of $1. 3 million to Tobin. The article proves that discrimination in workplace still exists.

This is brought by conflicting interest between the state, employee, and employer. As to the state, it enacts laws to protect the general welfare, especially the disabled persons. On one hand, the disable person exerts effort to disregard his disabilities by showing that he can be normal. On the other hand, the employer protects its interest from profiting and having disable employees only adds them loses. In this scenario, the law tries to equalize the conflicting interests. On the part of employers, they should not forget their moral responsibility to the society.

Helping the disabled person can be part of fulfilling such duty. Besides, among many disabled people, there are always special are where they are capable of doing and even surpassing the expectations of employers. Instead of discriminating, the employers should help in eradicating the gaps that continued to detach people living in one country. Giving chance to disabled people is one. The case of Tobin also proves that the Disability Discrimination Law is being upheld in the country. Furthermore, Tobin’s case brings hope to other disabled people who are still suffering discrimination due to their special qualities.

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