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Working and Going to School

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Working, parenting, and going to school are tough Is it possible to accomplish my goals and still meet everyday responsibilities? Working a full-time job, being a single parent, and going to college are emotionally draining. It’s stressful, frustrating, and hard to be positive at times when there are so many demands on time. Goals can be accomplished and still meet everyday responsibilities. Working, parenting, and going to school are tough. Working a full time job is demanding. Getting up early and working late is physically draining. Day to day responsibilities need to be met which adds stress.

My job is physically demanding on a daily basis. I work in the service field where I work outside everyday in any kind of weather. Heavy lifting, climbing, completing the job at hand, all the while praying I go home safe and in one piece at the end of the day. “I was waiting tables, going nowhere,” said Lynch, 32, and a single mother of one. “I was in a rut for a long, long time. ”(Brindley, 2006) Those statements made me think about what I’m doing to change my life for the better. A one income household requires that I drag my behind out of bed on a daily basis and do my job to the best of my ability in order to pay the bills.

I’m a single parent of a 15 year old daughter whom I love very much. Being a single parent isn’t easy. The sole responsibility of a raising a child to be responsible and disciplined is entirely up to the single parent. I talk with my daughter on a regular basis about my assignments and what my grades are in my courses. She cheers for me when I get excellent scores on tests. I need all the motivation I can possibly get. Recently, my daughter sprained her foot at school and has been on crutches for the past two weeks. I’ve made changes to my daily schedule to accommodate her needs.

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She is in a walking cast now but still stubborn and demanding. She is a typical teenager that plans activities with her friends and needs Mom to get her where she needs to go. School and grades are a constant struggle with her. I can’t get through to her know it all head that doing her homework and studying for tests are a must to get decent grades. I see that if I am going to be a positive role model, going back to school and succeeding in my courses. (Seastrand, 2007) When her grades are down she has no privileges. That’s when Mom gets a break! She’s not much fun to be around during these times either.

Attending online college courses is mentally and physically demanding. Staying organized isn’t an easy task. Organization is the key to your success. If you have no idea what assignments are due, what appointments at work or school are up ahead you will get more stressed which will make your GPA plummet. Keep your home organized with your textbooks in one spot, your bills and mail in another spot, etc. Patience and priorities are a necessity. Take the time to stay organized and don’t procrastinate. (Comments on: How to Manage School While Working, 2005) I’m constantly kicking my daughter off of the computer in order to get assignments done.

Deadlines for assignments don’t change but need to be broken down into tasks on a daily basis to meet the deadlines. Attending college courses is stressful. The decision to start taking college courses and working towards my B. A. in Accounting was easy. “How was I going to pay for my education? ” I applied for grants and loans for this year. I had to wait several months before I did get my approval after starting my courses. I can breathe a little easier now but I still have several more years in order to finish my degree. I am in the midst of checking into scholarships which will greatly help the financial needs of school.

Re-organizing my schedule in order to complete assignments and study is an on-going struggle. “Will I be successful in my college courses and get good grades? ” I’m constantly working on this and praying for the best. Being a single college mother is a hard win/win situation and the long term effects are most important. (Seastrand, 2007) Being a good example to my daughter and getting good grades on work is my motivation to keep going. Organization, communication, patience, and priorities are necessities and the keys to success. (Comments on: How to Manage School While Working, 2005).

Here is one statement that really struck me and I hope it helps other students also. Most importantly, always believe YOU CAN DO IT! Becoming more educated will change your life. In the famous words of someone whose name I have forgotten: “It is never too late to be who you were meant to become. ” Good luck, I’m pulling for you! (Comments on: How to Manage School While Working, 2005) Another insight was not listening to people who say what your doing will be “too hard. ” Keep pushing through and before you know it your degree requirements will be satisfied and your child will be clapping for you on graduation day.

Go easy on yourself and keep things as simple as possible. Rely on friends and family if need be. (Seastrand, 2007). Working a full time job, being a single parent, and going to college are all very stressful but goals can be accomplished with organization and patience. References Brindley, M. (2006, November). Going back to college made easier for single parents hoping to improve their lives. Comments on: How to Manage School While Working (2005, 22 November). Seastrand, A. , (2007, April). What’s a Mom to Do? College Mom Magazine

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